Adobe Connect application for desktop 2021.4.36.64 Release Notes

This document contains details about Adobe Connect Application version 2021.4.36.64, including release dates, issues resolved, and improvements.


Adobe Connect Application 2021.4.36.64 is an optional update for Microsoft Windows 64-bit OS and Macintosh OS users and is not required for participating in Adobe Connect classrooms, webinars, or meetings.

This release also includes Adobe Connect Application 2021.5.5.32 for Microsoft Windows 32-bit OS. 

This update is backwards compatible with all Adobe Connect 10.x and 11.x accounts.

Release date

Adobe Connect Application 2021.4.36.64 for Windows and Macintosh is available from May 7, 2021. Adobe Connect Application 2021.5.5.32 for Windows 32-bit OS is available from May 13, 2021.

These applications are available from the
Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates page. 

System requirements

For the latest system requirements, see the Adobe Connect Technical Specifications page.

Issues resolved with this version


Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description

Win 4127583 Fixed an issue where audio choppiness was observed on EMEA1 cluster
Win 4127482 Fixed an issue where in recording playback in application after seeking the Video got jerky and audio was breaking 
Mac 4127434 Fixed an issue where the mac application crashed while cancelling update or closing application during update.
Win 4127326 Fixed an issue where the windows application crashed at times while switching speaker during the live session
Win 4127317 Fixed an issue where on Windows systems with certain graphic cards the application would not open and gets stuck at white screen
Mac 4126887 Fixed an issue where for some mac users the application disconnects while initiating screenshare
Win 4126868 Fixed an intermittent issue where meetings get stuck on 87% of "preparing the room" in the standard application
Win, Mac 4126767, 4126746, 4123727 Fixed an issue where audio starts breaking while the speaker is sharing screen
Win, Mac 4126747 Fixed an issue where on certain VPN networks the Standard application users get repeatedly disconnected while Screensharing, Whiteboarding and during Breakouts
Mac 4126723 Fixed an issue where for certain mac users the prompt to update application reoccurs even after they have updated it
Win, Mac 4126429 Fixed an issue where users get disconnected when more than 25 webcams are turned on across multiple breakouts
Win, Mac 4126275, 4123798 Fixed an intermittent issue where certain users got network disconnection errors repeatedly in the meeting
Win 4126252 Fixed an issue where webcam video comes before the voip audio in Standard view
Win, Mac 4126039 Fixed an issue where recording playback in limiting network conditions resulting in overlapping audio
Win 4123572 Fixed an issue where audio breaks were observed when user published HD video in meetings
Win 4123174 Fixed an issue where audio breaks were observed when host enhanced the video quality or changed the layout with video pod
Win 4120400 Added an improvement in msi installer to provide organization wide uninstall option


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