Feature summary | Dimension (April 2020 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the April 2020 release of Dimension (version 3.2)

3D text

3D text

Easily add 3D text to your scene and modify 3D text properties such as depth and bevel style.

customize basic shapes

Customizable basic shapes

Create basic 3D shapes in your scene including cones, cubes, cylinders, tori, and spheres — each shape having its unique properties.

Other enhancements

Find information about other enhancements in Dimension with this release.

This release brings new creation capabilities like 3D text and customizable shapes, as well as enhancements to lighting and new file format support.

3D text

The new 3D text system allows you to easily generate 3D typography, add bevels and edge treatments, and apply materials across different areas. Text is non destructive so you can edit the text properties while preserving the style, bevel settings, and materials.

Create 3D text in Dimension
You can now create 3D text with beveling and material treatments.

To learn more about 3D text in Dimension, see Add and edit 3D text.

Customizable basic shapes

The new customizable cone, cube, cylinder, torus, plane, and sphere shapes can be modified with features like radius, rounded corners, and number of sides, unique to each shape, opening possibilities to create variations or more complex objects.

Customize basic shapes in Dimension
Customize basic shapes in Dimension

To learn more about customizable basic shapes in Dimension, see Add and modify basic shapes.

Other enhancements

  • Color temperature for lights: When selecting a color for lights the color picker will now default to natural color temperatures like warm and cool tones and includes presets for common light types.

  • Additional camera controls: Added new sub-tools for the camera — the Roll, Field of View, Tripod, and the Dolly Zoom tools.

  • Camera navigation presets: Added a preference which auto-configures Dimension to use the same camera controls as other 3D applications.

  • Convert to standard model action: A new action has been added which converts parametric models like text to standard mesh models.

  • Import USD models: Dimension now supports importing models in USD format.

  • Expanded import image formats: We’ve added support for several new image formats: TGA, GIF, EPS, BMP, JPEG, JPE, PSB, TIF, TIFF, SVGZ, JP2, J2K, JJPF, JPX, IFF, and PCX.

Fixed issues

For detailed information, see Fixed issues in Dimension.

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