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VIP program guide: Enrollment

With VIP, enrollment is simple. Contact your Account Manager (either an Adobe representative or an Authorized Reseller*) to join VIP and order Adobe products.


Important: Account Manager means either:

(i) Reseller, if transaction is through a reseller, or
(ii) Adobe representative, if transaction is direct with Adobe

How to enroll

To enroll, contact your Account Manager and provide the following basic information:

  • Market segment (Commercial, Government, or Education)
  • Organization or institute name
  • Address
  • Designated VIP Administrator's name and email

Your Account Manager will then send you an email invitation to join the Value Incentive Plan and you are ready to place an order. Prior to purchase, the designated VIP Admin must read and accept the VIP terms and conditions to access the Admin Console for license  management.


If your Account Manager is no longer an Authorized Adobe Account Manager, then Adobe may notify you and move your account under a currently Authorized Adobe Account Manager.

VIP terms and conditions

The invitation to join the Value Incentive Plan will contain terms and conditions that must be accepted by the VIP Member. Once the terms and conditions have been accepted, your organization or institution is given administrative access to the license management tool (Admin Console).

VIP ID: It’s your organization’s or institution's account ID

A VIP ID is a unique identifying number that designates your organization as a member of the VIP program. Your VIP ID is issued the day the invitation to join VIP is sent by your Account Manager. You should keep track of your VIP ID and provide it to your Account Manager(s) prior to purchasing any licenses. This number will remain in effect as long as your organization or institution chooses to participate in VIP.

Your initial order

Once your organization receives a VIP ID, you can then place your initial order directly with an Account Manager. You can order at the time of enrollment or anytime after. The Anniversary Date is automatically calculated as twelve months (12 months) after either the date Adobe accepts your initial order or, if earlier, your initial Purchase Authorization Date.

Getting started with VIP: It’s quick and easy

Joining VIP and then purchasing software licenses is simple and quick. The first easy step: Contact an Account Manager (either an Adobe representative or an Adobe Authorized Reseller) to request membership. You don’t have to be a huge organization to join—even teams, schools, and departments ordering a few licenses benefit from VIP Membership.

VIP timeline


  1. Contact your account manager and provide your product and purchase needs.

  2. Designate a VIP Admin. This is the first person with access to the Admin Console, where they manage licenses and users.

    The VIP Admin will need an Adobe ID to associate with the VIP ID.

  3. The VIP Admin will receive an official invitation to VIP and a VIP ID via email.

  4. Accept VIP Terms and Conditions.

Adding licenses

  1. Add licenses—through the Admin Console or with your Account Manager—and place your initial order.


    Some products are not available for purchase through VIP in the People's Republic of China (PRC).

  2. Add licenses at any time throughout your subscription term with ease through the Admin Console.

    Educational institutes need to contact their Account Manager for Device Licenses.


Payments and renewals

  1. You must make payment or issue a purchase order for the initial licenses within 30 days of receiving your VIP ID.

  2. Renew at the end of your term, placing renewal orders within the 30 days before the Anniversary Date. You can change products or conduct partial renewals at this time.


Adding licenses or creating a Purchase Authorization (PA) may not be available for all products. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

Ready to get started?

With VIP, you can budget more predictably, lower your up-front costs, and leverage volume discounts. Set your own Anniversary Date to align your buying cycle, and rest assured that your software will always be in compliance.

Contact your Adobe Authorized Reseller or visit VIP support for more information.

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