Change the mood of your photos or give them a trendy look using the Split Toning sliders in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic.

Man holding magazine. Cover shows leaves over a woman's face.

Choose File > Import Photos and Video and then add the sample photo, or use your own.

Start with a photo that has a noticeable contrast between the light areas and dark areas. 

Woman's face covered with leaves.

Experiment with the Split Toning controls in the Develop module to change the colors in the light (Highlights) and dark (Shadows) parts of the photo for different split toning effects.

Four versions of the woman's face show the effects of adjusting highlights and shadows.

Use the Hue slider under Highlights to set the color of the light parts of the photo. Then use the Saturation slider to determine how strong that color should be.

The highlights hue and saturation settings are adjusted independently of the shadows.

Use the same sliders in the Shadows section to change the color of the dark parts of the photo.

Experiment with the Balance slider to determine whether the Highlights or Shadows should be the dominant color.

The shadows hue and saturation are adjusted independently of the highlights.

See the effect that split toning can have on your photo.

Original photo of leaves covering woman's face.
Adjusted photo of leaves covering woman's face shows color-corrected highlights and shadows.

Now you can create a custom look for your photos by changing the colors.


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