Learn what's new in the latest release of Adobe Media Encoder.


The 13.1.3 update for Adobe Media Encoder includes the following enhancements:

  • Better ProRes decode performance on Windows
  • Multichannel audio mixing improvements allowing for up/down mixing of 5.1 <-> stereo 
  • More flexibility for caption file exports 

This release of Adobe Media Encoder removes support for importing MKV formats. For more information on file formats, see Supported file formats.

For information on bugs fixed in this release, see Fixed issues.

Top new features

April 2019 release (version 13.1)

Format-specific hardware decoding on macOS means better performance for H.264 and HEVC on that platform.

Adobe Media Encoder replaces problem frames with a copy of the adjacent frame, smoothing out the issue without distracting red frames.

New export options for captions give you more controls for exporting to third-party applications for an easier caption workflow.

Import native Sony Venice V3 files for expanded cinema camera support.

Previous releases of Adobe Media Encoder

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