Learn how to work with editing controls and presets in Adobe Premiere Rush.

What you learned: How to trim and edit video, add transitions, apply color presets, and transform video in Premiere Rush

  • Editing tools are located at the bottom left of the Premiere Rush editing workspace
  • Move the playhead to the location you want to cut, then click the scissors icon to split the clip into two separate clips
  • Select a clip and duplicate it using the Duplicate button. If you want to delete it, click on the Trash icon in the lower left
  • To move clips around in the timeline, click and drag them to a new location. Other clips will automatically respond and adjust to the new placement
  • Click on the Expand Audio icon in the lower left to reveal the audio associated with your video clip. This enables you to shorten or lengthen the audio separately from the video clip
  • Premiere Rush automatically identifies the type of audio in your timeline and displays icons for voice, music, and other formats
  • Premiere Rush supports up to four video tracks and three audio tracks. You can move your clips within those track limits in your timeline
  • Use the bottom scroll bar to zoom in and out of the timeline. Select and drag the circle on each end to enlarge or shrink the size of your timeline
  • Refinement tools include built-in title templates and Adobe Stock templates, transitions, and color presets
  • Update audio settings to control a clip’s volume level and auto-duck music to voice clips
  • Transform tools make it easy to control the position, rotation, and scale of a clip

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