Learn some of the most important features in the Adobe Premiere Rush interface you’ll use every day.

What you learned: Create your first Premiere Rush project, import and organize media, use the monitor controls, and resize your video in vertical, square, or landscape formats

Access and open all your current Premiere Rush projects in the Premiere Rush home page. Whether created on a mobile device or on a desktop, all your projects are synced to the cloud so you can pick up where you left off.

  • To start a new project, simply click on the blue “Create a New Project” button
  • Use the Media Browser to locate and select the media you are going to use in your project. The media can be video, images, or audio
  • Media is added in the order that you select it. You can preview what your timeline will look like at the bottom of the Media Browser
  • After your project is set up, within your editing workspace, click the blue “+” icon on the upper left of the window to add more titles or media or to create a voiceover
  • Below the “+” button is the project panel, where you can see all your project media and organize it
  • Click the house icon at the very top to return to the project browser and then select another project, or continue editing your current project
  • Use the playback controls to move within your video and click the full screen icon to view a video in full screen
  • Switch the video’s orientation to landscape, vertical, or square

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