Get quick access to installation, user, and upgrade guides for current Adobe Sign integrations. Some of the more complex integrations will have commonly used knowledgebase articles also listed for convenience.


Adobe Sign for Salesforce


All Organizations should upgrade to v21.5.9 as soon as possible.  

v21.5.9 is a prerequisite for all later versions and must be installed before further upgrading to later versions.

Additional Articles

Add Adobe Sign to your Salesforce email component

Send, Remind, Cancel, and more, all directly from your email client. Available for Outlook and Gmail

Adobe Sign connector to Salesforce CPQ

Add a button to send your CPQ quotes directly from the quote page to Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign for Self Signing (Community Cloud)

If you use community portals, and want to provide signable documents

► Adobe Sign for Simple Signing (Community Cloud)

A component for the Community Cloud that allows a developer to embed the signature Templates into other Lightning components

Granting access to Salesforce users/profiles

If you didn't set up the Adobe Sign app for All Users

Working with Agreements in Batch

For generating batches of agreements based on user defined criteria

Lead conversion settings

If you use Adobe Sign with Leads in Salesforce, you probably want to take a look at this

Group Mappings

Align users in Adobe Sign groups based on Salesforce user profiles

Configure Salesforce to Send Large Documents

If you send documents over 2MB, you will need this configured

► Configure Push Agreements to create externally generated agreements in Salesforce

"Push agreements" are transactions that are initiated external to Salesforce, like the agreements created by web forms, and then are pushed in to Salesforce.

Chatter & Salesforce1 enablement

Settings to enable sending from Chatter or Salesforce1

Page Layout configuration (Basic, Advanced and Lightning)

When you need to change your page layout to one of the other options


Support for the Adobe Sign for Salesforce integration v18 has ended as of March1, 2019

Product updates, security updates and technical support for Adobe Sign for Salesforce v18 has ended as of March 1, 2019

If you are on version 18 or older, please upgrade to the new package to ensure the continuation of support.

Adobe Sign for Dropbox

Adobe Sign for Microsoft Office

Supported platforms:

  • Outlook 2013 (Windows v15+)
  • Outlook 2016 (Windows v16+)
  • Outlook Online – Using:
    • Chrome v59+
    • Firefox v53+
    • Safari 9+
    • Edge 38+
    • IE 11+
  • Outlook 2016 (Mac v15.35+)

Supported platforms:

  • Word or PowerPoint 2013 (Windows v15+)
  • Word or PowerPoint 2016 (Windows v16+)
  • Word or PowerPoint Online (365) – Using:
    • Chrome v59+
    • Firefox v53+
    • Safari 9+
    • Edge 38+
    • IE 11+
  • Word or PowerPoint 2016 (Mac v15.34+)

Supported platforms:

  • Office 365 – Using:
    • Chrome v51.0+
    • Firefox v47.0+
    • Microsoft Edge 12+
    • Internet Explorer 11+

Adobe Sign for Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate (Formerly MS Flow)


Supported platforms:

  • Office 365 – Using:
    • Chrome v59+
    • Firefox v53+
    • Safari 9+
    • Edge 38+
    • Internet Explorer 11+

Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

Adobe Sign for Microsoft SharePoint


The Adobe Sign for SharePoint solution is supported in the SharePoint 2019 On-Premise Classic UI only.

Adobe and Microsoft are currently working to expand support to include the Modern UI.


Adobe Sign for ServiceNow

Adobe Sign for HR (ServiceNow)

Adobe Sign for SAP SuccessFactors

Adobe Sign for Workday

Adobe Sign for Workplace by Facebook

Adobe Sign for NetSuite

Release Notes


Support for the Adobe Sign for NetSuite integration v4.0.1 has ended

Due to a regression bug introduced when NetSuite updated their platform, technical support for Adobe Sign for NetSuite v4.0.1 and older has ended.

Please be sure to upgrade to v4.0.2 to ensure the continuation of functionality and support for this integration.

Adobe Sign for SugarCRM

Adobe Sign API


Adobe Sign is ending support for older API authentication models in February 2021

Adobe is committed to providing safe and secure product experience for our customers by adhering to the latest industry standard security protocols. As a part of that process, Adobe Sign is ending support by February 2021 for older API authentication models that allowed sending username and password in the API call.



Clients currently using the older authentication model will need to move to the newer OAuth-based authentication. 



○ Customers using an integration should upgrade to the latest version. Refer to reference guides for all the latest Adobe-built partner integrations.

○ Customers who have built their own custom integration with Adobe Sign will need to update to the latest OAuth-based authentication. For more details, please refer to this Migration Guide.

○ Mobile users will need to upgrade to the latest version of the Adobe Sign app for iOS & Android.


Planned EOL of SOAP API in February 2021

With the release of REST API Version 6 providing the best programming experience for Adobe Sign developers, the SOAP API has been deprecated and will not be supported past February 2021.  The REST API is now the preferred interface to integrators and application developers and future development should move to this API.