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Import Mixamo assets into Aero

Learn how to seamlessly import animated character assets from Mixamo into Aero.

Mixamo helps you add animated 3D humanoid characters to your Aero Experiences without using any 3D animation skills. You can use your Adobe ID and use the content for free. Read on to know how to bring in content from Mixamo into Adobe Aero.

Steps to import Mixamo assets

  1. Navigate to Mixamo.com. Choose an existing character or upload one of your own by selecting Upload Character. To know more, see Upload and rig 3D characters with Mixamo.

  2. Select Find Animations. Find an animation and customize it by using the sliders on the right side of the screen.

  3. Then, select Share > Send to Aero. The asset is converted into a .glb file.

  4. The asset appears in your Creative Cloud files. You can import the asset from within Aero.

What's Next?

We've got you covered on how to import assets from Mixamo. Next, you can try to place digital assets and edit scene

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