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Welcome to ColdFusion (2018 release), a creative progression in Adobe's efforts to help web developers build robust Internet applications.

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Release Highlights | What's New for Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release)

Adobe ColdFusion 2016 is a feature packed version of ColdFusion with benefits ranging from better security, performance, scalability, language enhancements along with the all new Performance Monitoring Toolset.



A quick summary of the new and enhanced features in this release.

Go through the document before you install the 2018 release of ColdFusion.

A quick summary of Performance Monitoring Toolset.

Your entry point to ColdFusion documentation.

List of bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2018 release)

Bug ID Description
CF-4202547 In earlier versions of ColdFusion, cfthrow could be used to send a custom REST response as JSON. In the 2018 release, this fails (returns HTML of error handler page).
CF-4202450 IsNumericDate() returns unexpected results.
CF-4202006 The SerializeJSON function loses type info from properties defined in the parent class when serializing a subclass.
CF-4201978 The evaluate() function must accept an array of expressions.
CF-4201686 If cfpdfform with the name attribute is used to populate a PDF object and passed to the user, the user will not be able to sign the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
CF-4201629 The getFunctionList() function must display Spreadsheet* instead of SpreadSheet*.
CF-4201481 The getMetadata() function throws an exception on an unsynchronized array.
CF-4201329 If you have a cfoutput tag with encodeFor specified, then it does not apply the encoding to nested cfoutput tags.
CF-4201173 If you run isValid("variableName") on an invalid variable name that has a period in it, you will get a true (is valid) response.
CF-4201015 There are exceptions when running any query in a sandboxed environment in Oracle, MySQL, DB2, and Sybase.
CF-4200994 If you have a CFC with no methods or properties, the metadata for this CFC does not contain a functions or a properties array.
CF-4200663 The data type XML is no longer supported in 2016 version of Query of Queries
CF-4200446 Indexed file locations do not update when moved from one location to other.
CF-4200186 Include member functions for numeric functions.
CF-4200066 Include support for systemd environments in addition to sysVinit, which is the current default for RHEL distributions.
CF-4200015 cfchart causes JavaScript to be prepended to requests, causing invalid json responses.
CF-4199974 The setMetadata() function is not chainable.
CF-4199973 Some string, struct, and array member function support must be added to XML variables.
CF-4199905 cfargument does not validate an array of components as expected.
CF-4199894 There must not be any underscores in an attribute in for example, isValid.
CF-4199859 Numeric data type needs member functions.
CF-4199855 A tag allows "." in typed array arg path, whereas a script does not.
CF-4199746 cfschedule returns unexpected exception message.
CF-4199640 Allow negative offsets for right() and left() functions.
CF-4199617 ColdFusion service does not start when cfclasses folder has 50K or 75K class files cached.
CF-4199484 The hbmxml files seem to be generated with an out of date DTD reference.
CF-4199482 A cfhttp call fails if there is a white space in the url.
CF-4199409 If you use comment based annotations and spacing or tabs to align them, the parser will not trim the selections and the data is lost.
CF-4199255 Issues when allowing IP addresses in ColdFusion Administrator.
CF-4199232 The placement of a few icons in the Administrator must be aligned properly.
CF-4199061 There are issues when deleting a datasource using Admin APIs.
CF-4199029 Casting switch case values causes internal exceptions, which slows down execution.
CF-4198996 CFMAIL does not show body of an email message in iPad, iPhone email clients.
CF-4198981 If you create functions with metadata that contains either colons (:) or dashes (-), the execution fails.
CF-4198939 When setting the properties for a cache, the function cacheSetProperties ignores the property memoryevictionpolicy.
CF-4198866 The CFChart tag does not allow to specify a percentage-based width and height of a chart.
CF-4198864 If a query has the cachedWithin attribute, it does not appear to sort using the sort member method with a callback.
CF-4198848 cfftp's existsfile returnValue is True/False instead of YES/NO.
CF-4198847 cfftp's existsfile attribute treats populated directory as file.
CF-4198840 There is an error while trying to assign default value for function arguments using JavaDoc notation.
CF-4198821 Implicit accessor method is invoked from extending component when the accessor method is explicitly implemented.
CF-4198716 You are unable to set the default value of the attribute expires of the tag cfcookie.
CF-4198705 Generated accessors are not available to included CFM templates.
CF-4198661 The member function does not work identical as the function dateCompare.
CF-4198611 Interfaces do not work as expected.
CF-4198587 You cannot change the path of Disk cache location in ColdFusion Administrator.
CF-4198586 Add support for != and == in <cfif>.
CF-4198575 When a simple copy is performed on a remote AWS S3 file 6 MB or larger, the following exception occurs: Multipart upload failed.
CF-4198572 The higher order functions for sorting must return the sorted object, not simply "YES".
CF-4198548 Implicit array creation within a function throws a Null Pointer Exception.
CF-4198534 Repeated use of cfchart keeps increasing memory use until ColdFusion stops responding to requests.
CF-4198485 The OAuth response of Facebook is not formatted properly.
CF-4198481 In ColdFusion 10 and earlier versions,  a boolean value could be passed as a value for a numeric argument to a function. It stopped accepting boolean as args in ColdFusion 11.
CF-4198463 The ParseDateTime() functions with custom format produces incorrect results.
CF-4198442 You cannot have argument named default in a script function.
CF-4198427 The cfupdate tag requires the datasource parameter.
CF-4198412 The replacement with replaceNoCase does not return the correct value, if the string contains too many unicode characters.
CF-4198411 Calling restInitApplication with isDefault = true fails to reload.
CF-4198408 Deserialization of a string returns unexpected results.
CF-4198405 Invoking WSPublish causes the session scope to become inaccessible/undefined within any CFC methods that are called during the duration of the request.
CF-4198399 Chaining Elvis operators fails in ColdFusion 11.
CF-4198394 There are concurrency issues when writing to mappings returned from getApplicationMetadata() under load.
CF-4198393 There are issues using Cffile and BOM (Byte order mark) characters.
CF-4198378 The application.log file include a lot of entries with text "Detected Character encoding is UTF-8."
CF-4198364 Unexpected behavior when using cfloop query + ArrayAppend + ['column'] syntax.
CF-4198362 "Unable to reset the page encoding" with long comments in CFCs.
CF-4198354 Abort in callback triggers onError() instead of onAbort().
CF-4198322 Error in QueryExecute when parsing SQL including literal strings with colons.
CF-4198298 RestSetResponse() ignored if returntype is non-void.
CF-4198295 Every attempt to create an instance of ActiveMQ gateway in the Coldfusion Administrator of a Coldfusion instance fails.
CF-4198278 Issue with queryExecute when using params immediately followed by a semicolon in sql text.
CF-4198266 RequestTimeout has not been removed.
CF-4198260 Under a request with thousands of CFLDAP calls, the CFLDAP tag fails with this error message "An error has occurred while trying to execute query."
CF-4198218 IsBoolean returns true for invalid strings.
CF-4198217 cflock must serve on the basis of FIFO.
CF-4198194 Invalid cfsqltypes are ignored.
CF-4198174 PNG files are incorrectly named as GIF in ColdFusion Administrator.
CF-4198171 A border does not appear in pie charts.
CF-4198082 CFMAIL fails with IDN domains and German umlauts and other special characters.
CF-4197582 When using cfmailparam with a attachment that needs character encoding, the generated attachment header is not generated with the RFC 2231 standard.
CF-4197259 this.sameFormFieldsAsArray=true ignored when enctype="multipart/form-data".
CF-4195754 When adding a new application task, the task will generate an exception saying Error: Eventhandler MyEventHandler does not implement required interface if the component extends another component implementing CFIDE.scheduler.ITaskEventHandler.
CF-4194596 Passing a struct literal as the second operand to the Elvis operator returns the string "{" instead of an empty struct.
CF-4190744 Using a String Underlying Java Method for String impacts the performance of a web page processing if they are used.
CF-4190163 There are parse errors with += operator.
CF-4187503 String member functions do not cast values as expected.
CF-4185107 The callback for arrayFindNoCase do not work as expected.
CF-4184965 Variable IMPLICITARRYSTRUCTVAR2 is undefined.
CF-4184641 A few list member functions return incorrectly inside headless functions.
CF-4181591 URLs with /api/ Fails with 500.0 - Internal Server Error.
CF-4169991 Page response byte buffer cannot be Garbage Collected when storing CFC in a session.
CF-4165262 Null/blank CLOB value returned as reference cursor from select statement in Oracle causes No More Data Available To Read.
CF-4160098 Adobe must release ColdFusion Docker images.
CF-4152447 Sort member functions must return a useful value for chaining.
CF-4150938 When using isValid, with regex, to validate a string, the result returned is incorrect.
CF-4141282 You are unable to use Admin APIs with CLI.
CF-4138764 Incorrect casting in Query of Queries (QoQ).
CF-4126504 ColdFusion Administrator Coexistence With Earlier Administrators Session Issue
CF-4126455 The Enable/Disable Servlets Installer UI must include better description.
CF-4126449 Wrong Server Profile applied in the installation wizard (Japanese Ver.)
CF-4126423 Linux Installer does not allow you to specify builtin server port.
CF-4126385 WDDX produces unexpected results in ordered structs.
CF-4126132 ColdFusion Class Path disappears from GUI if path includes {application.home}
CF-4120127 Files with a .cfs extension would contain only CFScript, and would not require the <cfscript> tags.
CF-4118947 ColdFusion ships with two versions of Jetty.
CF-4118773 fileCopy fails to correctly copy meta data between resources on S3.
CF-4118462 The pdfg service does not get not installed when Solr is not selected to be installed on Linux.
CF-4117243 queryNew() does not honor column type.
CF-4110354 CFM templates do not parse == and/or != operators.
CF-4098395 isnull with argument struct["key"] causes an element is undefined error.
CF-4081499 When reading .png files using s3:// paths, imageRead(), and <cfimage action="read"> hangs the thread after the 20th read.
CF-4048126 When entering a value in a search field and filtering the grid data, the value of the field doesn't get passed to the cfc query for the grid as before.
CF-4019629 Numeric literals must be Double, not String.
CF-4010516 Introduce support for NULL.
CF-3992039 When installing Coldfusion 11 developer in with a silent install, there is an error.
CF-3928293 The option Use internal cache to store queries in ColdFusion Administrator must mention that a server restart is required.
CF-3863594 The function getHTTPRequestData() returns Null Pointer Exception for non Http requests.
CF-3859367 $VALUE$ , $ITEMLABEL$ and $SERIESLABEL$ for attribute URL of CFCHART only work with PNG/JPG and not FLASH/HTML.
CF-3849138 cfgrid with boolean groupfield doesn't show Yes/No and number of entries in group header.
CF-3842831 While installing ColdFusion, the Install disk space step checks the root file system, not the installation folder.
CF-3754578 Error messaging with cfloop() is not up to the mark.
CF-3712122 Member functions cannot be called on literals.
CF-3648781 Closures cannot be declared outside of cfscript.
CF-3498448 Log entries have CRLF stripped.
CF-3134331 Inconsistencies when casting to a date.
CF-3041724 You can click Stop on logs that are not stoppable.

Known Issues in Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release)

The following are the known issues for Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release):

  • Search score is reduced drastically in associative entity search.
  • ORMSearchOfflinedoes not return any result if the entity column is not indexable.
  • On Linux, if you encounter the error "Failed to create the part's control" often, restart ColdFusion Builder.
  • A local PDFg service is only available for Windows and Linux platforms. If the service is listed as an option in the installer on Mac OS X or Solaris, ignore the option. For Mac OS X and Solaris, the PDFg service must be used remotely, i.e. the service must be hosted on either a Windows or a Linux platform and configured for remote access from the Mac OS X or Solaris systems.
  • When Null support is on, looping over a query object returns empty strings in place of [null] values.
  • The Search in the ColdFusion Administrator does not work in a Japanese locale and will return search results in English.
  • After uninstalling Server Auto-Lockdown, few residue folders (such as jre, uninstall, Logs) are left behind. Delete the folders manually.
  • On Ubuntu, the ColdFusion installer does not allow you to proceed with errors. If you see this issue, enter the following cooomands:
    1. xhost si:localuser:root 
    2. cat <<EOF | sudo tee /etc/xdg/autostart/xhost.desktop
    3. [Desktop Entry]
    4. Name=xhost
    5. Comment=Fix graphical root applications
    6. Exec="xhost +si:localuser:root"
    7. Terminal=false
    8. Type=Application
    9. EOF
    10. alias gsuon='xhost si:localuser:root'

                 Then sudo ./CFInstaller should launch in GUI mode as expected.

  • Comments in a cfml behave unexpectedly with closures in cfscript. 
  • When Null support is on, default argument values of a method, if specified, takes precedence when the argument is set to null.
  • Cfsearch does not filter the results as expected.
  • Server Monitoring APIs do not work.
  • Once an application is deleted from the entities and if the application is run again for monitoring, no data would be captured for the same Application by the Performance Monitoring Toolset.
  • REST Services registration and REST Playground do not work on WebLogic 12, but works on WebLogic 13.0.
  • In ColdFusion (2018 release), after starting a WAR and trying to invoke a web service, the following error message appears:

  Cannot run program "jikes": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

            As a workaround, copy tools.jar from jre > lib (1.8) to WEB_INF > cfusion > lib and restart the server. 

Known Issues in Performance Monitoring Toolset

  • A connector configured with IPv6 has issues in plotting data in Connectors Dashboard in Performance Monitoring Toolset.
  • When Performance Monitoring Toolset registers a ColdFusion server with an IPV6, it throws an error message due to which following page data fails to display: CF Server > Active monitoring & CF Server>Caching
  • Websites containing unicode characters are not listed under Topology > Sites page in the Performance Monitoring Toolset dashboard.
  • After a cleanup of the Datastore, you will not be able to log in to Performance Monitoring Toolset. As a workaround, create file in <pmt-home>\datastore\elasticsearch\config and add the properties username=<username> and password=<password>.
  • Only a few ColdFusion built-in functions are captured in the Code flow tab. For a list of the supported functions, see Supported functions.
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