Adobe RoboHelp 10.0.1 ReadMe

Welcome to Adobe RoboHelp 10.0.1 ReadMe. This document contains information about major changes that are included in this update.

RoboHelp HTML

The following major issues have been resolved in this update: 

  1. RoboHelp crashed on importing any FM document with images if Acrobat 11 Pro was installed on the machine.

  2. If the FrameMaker file was in the user directory (<root-drive>:\Users) or in long path (<root-drive>:\level>5), cross references' conversion failed on import in RoboHelp.

  3. On upgrade from RoboHelp 9 to 10, the Resource Manager Links were lost.

  4. Superscript applied on any text in a FrameMaker document got applied to whole document when imported to RoboHelp.

  5. SSL outputs such as ePUB, WebHelp, and FlashHelp contained the !ScreenLayout! folder.

  6. When desktop layout was applied to a screen profile in MultiScreen output, no vertical scroll showed up.

    To fix this:

    1) After applying the patch, delete the ScreenLayouts folder:

    2) Delete Desktop_Layout screen layout in Project Set-up in RoboHelp

    3) Create new Desktop_Layout screen layout in Project Set-up in RoboHelp.

  7. Multiscreen help was not re-directed to the appropriate screen profile.

  8. A cross reference to destination above that cross reference in the same FrameMaker file did not work after import to RoboHelp.

  9. Microsoft HTML exe crashed on viewing the CHM output on Win8/Win Server 2012 64-bit operating system.


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