Creating Learning Plans for Administrators in Captivate Prime.

Learning plans are a combination of learning programs/courses/certifications. A Learning Plan allows an admin to automatically assign courses or learning programs or certifications to learners, based on the occurrence of certain events. For example, on-boarding of a new employee or change of employee location.

You can enroll learners to any courses and learning programs automatically based on a predefined set of events. You can use this feature to create learning paths to the learners by automatically assigning a follow-up learning activity after a learner completes a skill, course or a learning program. 

Create learning plans

  1. Click Learning Plans on the left pane. If there are any existing events, they are listed on the page. However, if you are setting up the learning plan feature for the first time, then move to next step.

  2. Click Add on the upper-right corner of the page. An Add event dialog appears.

    Add learning plans
    Add learning plans

  3. Enter name of the event, and choose any event type (when it occurs) from the drop-down list to assign the specified course/learning program to the employee automatically:

    1. New user is added – whenever a new user/employee joins the organization.
    2. User is added to a group - whenever a new user/employee joins a group.  Enter and select the user group from drop-down list, to which this event is applicable. You can choose multiple groups. Also, you can assign this event to all the existing members of these groups by selecting the option.
    3. User completes a learning object - whenever a user completes any learning object such as course, learning program, and so on. Select the learning object for which this event is applicable. Select the completion status for the event. That is, if a user completes an event, then the event gets triggered. Optionally, you can also choose the user group to which this user belong to. Enter the number of days, after completing the learning object, this event gets triggered. Select the option if you want to assign this event to existing users who already completed this learning object. 
    4. User achieves a skill level - whenever a user achieves skill level. Enter the skill name and select the skill level. You can also choose the user group to which this user belong to. It is optional. Enter the number of days, after achieving the skill, this event gets triggered. Select the option if you want to assign this event to existing users who already achieved this skill.
    5. On a date - whenever the events needs to occur on a specific date. After giving the event name, select the date on which the event should be assigned. Select the user groups for whom the event needs to be auto assigned. Select the instances that needs to be assigned, and optionally enter after how many days the event needs to be triggered.
    Add learning plans in Captivate Prime
    Add learning plans in Captivate Prime


    For all the events, you can select the instance from the Select Instance field.

  4. Choose a Course or Learning program or a Certification.

    Start typing the course name you would like to add and select the course or learning from the drop-down list. This course/learning program is added and displayed in the Add event dialog. You can edit the deadline for this course by editing the number of days box adjacent to the course name.

  5. Click Save.


    By default, the learning plan is disabled (as long as you have not selected to apply the event to existing users). To enable, choose Learning plans> Disabled tab and select the learning plan to be enabled. Click Actions on the upper right corner of the page and click Enable.

Edit learning plan

After creating a learning plan, Administrator can edit/update the learning plan at any point in time. To Edit, click the name of the learning plan and modify the values in the Edit Learning Plan pop-up dialog that appears. Click Save

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