Auto-update is disabled or not available in Creative Cloud desktop app

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Why is auto-update not enabled in Preferences?

The preference to enable auto-update is turned off in the following scenarios:

  • When there is no app installed on your system that supports auto-update.
  • When you have uninstalled all apps from your system that support auto-update.
  • When you have turned off the Adobe Creative Cloud login item in System Settings in macOS 13 Ventura.

Once you install an app that supports auto-update or enable Adobe Creative Cloud login item in macOS 13 Ventura, the preference to enable auto-update is enabled.

Auto-update is not available for an app

The option to auto-update an individual app is not available unless you select Auto-update or Enable Auto Update from Preferences. Once you select the option to enable auto-update from Preferences, the option to manage auto-update for individual apps becomes available.

Auto-update turns off when an app is installed or uninstalled

Auto-update remains turned off in the following scenarios to prevent older versions of your apps to be removed.

  • When you have two versions of an app installed on your system and you uninstall the newer version

  • When you install an update for an older version of an app

  • When you install the older version of an app

auto-update Not Available in macOS Ventura

In macOS 13 Ventura, auto-update can't be enabled if you've turned off the Adobe Creative Cloud login item in your Mac's System Settings. Turning this option off also closes Adobe processes required to update your apps. Learn how to enable the Adobe Creative Cloud login item. Once you've enabled it back on, the auto-update option is available to you.


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