Site can't connect to

In the event of a local network problem or an outage on the font network, your website may report that it cannot connect to or that it failed to load a resource from that domain.

If you see either of these errors, check the Adobe Status page for any known issues. 

There are a few things you can check to narrow down the problem, too:

Visit the website on a different network to see if there’s a problem with the internet connection–for example, from a mobile device on a data plan instead of Wi-Fi.

If the fonts aren’t working on your own website but are loading on, check the Troubleshooting guide: Adding fonts to a website for more help.

If the traceroute doesn’t connect, there may be a local issue with your internet service provider’s network, a network proxy, or firewall, that is preventing the web fonts from loading.  (Your IT department or systems administrator can help with this, if you are on a corporate network.)