Learn how to use color libraries in Adobe Fresco
Learn how to use colors from your Creative Cloud libraries that appear automatically in Adobe Fresco color panel.

All your color themes and swatches in Creative Cloud libraries are available to you in the Color panel of Adobe Fresco. Tap on the color of your choice and start applying it on your Fresco artwork. It is important that you have signed in using the same Adobe ID across apps. 

Creative Cloud libraries and Fresco
Creative Cloud libraries and Fresco

How to use colors from Creative Cloud libraries

Creative Cloud Library colors in Fresco
  1. Tap on All in the Color panel. 
  2. From the list of Creative Cloud color libraries, tap on the color library that you like. 
  3. From the list of swatches and themes, tap on the color you like. The Color Chip in the toolbar displays the color you have chosen. 
  4. Select a brush or the Fill  tool to apply the color to your artwork.

See Colors to learn how to use color tools in Adobe Fresco. 

For more information on how to work with Creative Cloud libraries and supported features, see Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries

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