Fix slowness with pasting artwork

Learn what to do if pasting artwork becomes slow in your Illustrator files due to unexpected global objects.


When you paste artwork within an Illustrator file or from one file to another, the action is much slower than expected. This issue might be because the file(s) contains unexpected global objects such as swatches, symbols, and brushes.

Fix slowness due to unexpected global objects

  1. Update Illustrator to the latest version.

  2. Download the following ZIP file, and extract the script file from it (JSX file).

  3. Drag the script file into Illustrator to run the script. 

    You get the message fixBadPluginGlobalObjectNames preference has been turned ON. If the message you got is fixBadPluginGlobalObjectNames preference has been turned OFF, rerun the script.

  4. Quit and reopen Illustrator. Verify that the issue is fixed.

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