Learn how you can start the layout and design for your flyer using Comp on your iPad and add the finishing touches when you're back at your desk using InDesign.

Choose a format 

Open Comp and tap the + sign to create a new project and select the format that best suits your layout. For this tutorial choose A4 Landscape.

To re-create the layout shown in this tutorial, use assets in the Girls Code Library. Click Save to Creative Cloud to copy the library into your own account so you can access assets directly in Comp.

Note: You need to be signed into your Creative Cloud account with your Adobe ID to copy assets. Get an Adobe ID if you don't have one.  

5453 step 1

Create column guides

Tap Settings > Grid & Guides > Add.

Tap the Grid (columns) icon to add 6 columns to your layout. Then tap Done.

5453 step 2

Find and add a photo

Tap the Graphics icon at the top of the screen. Tap Adobe Stock and type search terms, such as girl floor laptop. Then tap Save Preview to save the watermarked image to one of your libraries. Or, select License Asset if you are ready to license the image.

Note: You can also tap Graphics > My Libraries to use the watermarked photo provided with this tutorial, or choose one of your own images. Check out this Adobe Stock tutorial for details on how to access and license images in your projects.

5453 step 3

Build the basic elements 

Make sure the photo is still selected and drag the sizing handles to enlarge the photo so the girl takes up 3 columns on the left side of the page.

Next, add a background color. Tap the Shapes icon at top of screen, then tap to select the square.

5453 step 4

Resize and add color to the background

Tap and drag a sizing handle so the square takes up 3 columns on the right side of the page.

With the background still selected (tap to reselect), tap the color icon at the bottom of the screen, tap on the color wheel to select a background color.

5453 step 5

Draw shapes and placeholder text

Comp converts your gestures into objects as you draw. Draw a line with a dot to create a line of text for the headline. Draw a rectangle to create a background box. Then draw a line with a dot above the background box to add a subheading. Finally, draw 3 lines with a dot to create a block of text. 

You can also use the Type (T) tool, located at the top of the page to create placeholder text.

Tip: Tap the gear icon at the top of the screen to get help on drawing gestures.

5453 step 6

Edit and style text

Double tap inside the headline text and type GIRLS WRITE <CODE>. Tap once outside the headline to dismiss the keyboard. Tap the dial to the right of the text and drag up to increase the point size until you reach 46 points.

Tap the Text icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap Font to choose from the list of available fonts.

This project uses a font from Typekit named Discourse Middle. Tap Add in the Font menu to choose from a variety of fonts from Typekit included in your Creative Cloud membership.

Note: When you add fonts from Typekit, the fonts are synced to your Creative Cloud account for use in future desktop and mobile projects.


5453 step 7

Send to desktop

You can send your layout to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You can also share your in-progress layout on Behance.

For this project, tap Send > Send to InDesign to send the flyer to InDesign. Open InDesign on your desktop, and the Comp layout will open automatically.


5453 step 8

Change text color

Select the Type (T) tool in InDesign and select the word <CODE>. Click the arrow next to the Text Fill dropdown at the top of the screen and select the paper setting to change the text to white. 

Then, replace the subhead placeholder text with real copy like Code your way through summer, and change the type color to white by following the step above.

5453 step 9

Change size and color of subhead background 

Use the Selection Tool (solid black arrow) to click and select the gray box behind the subhead. Drag the sizing handles to narrow the box and stretch it to the right edge of the page.

With the box still selected, use the Eyedropper Tool and click on the dark blue shirt in the photo to transfer the color to the box behind the subhead.

Tip: Make sure you have selected the Eyedropper Tool. Tap and hold on the icon to reveal the other icons in that location, and select the eyedropper.

5453 step 10

Replace placeholder text

With the Type tool selected, click and drag on the block of placeholder text until it's all selected. Then type your message.

5453 step 11

The flyer is now complete and ready for printing or to be published online. If your Creative Cloud account supports online publishing, click Publish Online at the top of the screen. Select to share your flyer on social media, via email, or choose to embed it in your website.

Note: Check out Publish Online from InDesign for more details on the publish option. Or, be sure to watch Create a PDF for print for details on printing your flyer.


5453 step 12
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