Slack plugin for XD
Learn how to work with Slack plugin in XD.

Slack in Adobe XD lets you share artboards, images, prototype links, and design to your Slack channels and contacts, seamlessly. With Slack plugin, you can add multiple workspaces, create public or private Slack channels, or provide access to private links within XD.

Work with Slack plugin

  1. In the home screen, click the plugins icon.

  2. In the plugins panel, click + and install Slack.

  3. Once installed, request permission to access Slack in XD: 

    • Click Sign In.
    • In the Slack web page, enter your workspace URL.
    • Choose the workspace from the drop-down list on the upper-right corner and click Submit.
    • After the request is approved, you receive a notification from Slack.
    • Go to App Directory and click Add to Slack.
    Slack Sign in
  4. To add a workspace to XD:

    • Reopen Adobe XD and click Sign In again.
    • Choose the workspace from the drop-down list on the upper-right corner, and click Allow.
  5. To sign out of your Slack account, click Sign out.

You can  add multiple Slack workspaces in XD and switch between each. Go to Settings, click the Add workspace button, and choose the workspace that you want to activate.

  1. In the Slack plugin, click ATTACHMENT.

    Click Attachment
    Click Attachment
  2. To add an attachment:

    • Click any layer, image, or artboard from the canvas.
    • Choose the File Type and size of the attachment.
  3. Enter the name of your contact, channels, or groups within your workspace on Share with.

  4. To share the attachment, click Post


  1. In the Slack plugin, click Share with drop-down and select Add new channel.

    Add a new channel
    Add a new channel
  2. In the Create new Slack channel window, enter the details.

  3. To create a public channel, click Create and OK.

  4. To create a private channel, select the Make private check box, and click Create and OK.

    Make it private

  1. To share prototypes or design-specs, create a public link.

  2. Click XD Link and select the Link from the drop-down. 

    Public link
  3. To share the link within your workspace, type a message and click Post and Done.

  1. To share private links of prototypes or design-specs, create a private link.

  2. Click XD Link and select the link from the drop-down. 

  3. Type the name of the contact, group, or channel in Share with and click Post.

  4. A window displays prompting you to allow access to the private link with recipients. To allow access, select Yes, invite everyone in this channel to this link and click Share.

    Private link