Reactivate a user in my account

Account admins can reactivate a user ID in your account. An inactive user ID cannot log in, send, or sign any documents. Inactive user IDs also do not take up a seat in the account. It is a good setting for former employees, or anyone who should not have access to Adobe Sign.

Only an administrator in the account can reactivate a user ID, and only if there is an available seat for them.

All account admins have the authority to reactivate users, as well as group admins who have been given authority to add users by the account admins.

  1. To reactivate a user:

    • Log in as admin and navigate to Account > Users.
    • Click the Options menu in the upper-right corner, and select Show Only Inactive Users
  2. Single click the user you want to reactivate to select it

    • This exposes the Reactivate User link

    Click the Reactivate User.

  3. A success message displays at the top of the window

    The user disappears from the Show Only Inactive User list


    And appears as an Active user in the User list


    A user that is reactivated has an expired password and may not log in.

    The act or reactivating them sends a Change Password email to the reactivated user

    Once the password is changed, the user will be able to log in normally, and has full access to any/all historic agreements/library templates/web forms that were previously associated to the user.

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