Deactivate a user in my account

An Account Admin can deactivate a User ID in an account. An inactive User ID cannot log in, send, or sign any documents and do not take up a seat in the account.  

When you have users leave the organization, deactivate their User ID in Adobe Sign admin console to secure that login against unauthorized access.

Deactivating the User ID prevents all login activities, but does not cancel or otherwise impact any agreements in process. All transactions on the User ID complete normally. Deactivation is purely a log in/access security measure.

Inactive users can also be reactivated at any time, with no harm to the User ID. However,  the user has to reset their password using the I forgot my password link on the login page.

Account Administrators can deactivate users at any time. Group Administrators can deactivate users if they have been given access to the ability to add users.


Only the account administrator can deactivate users.

Quick steps

  1. Go to the Account page.
  2. Go to Users & Groups.
  3. Click View All Users.
  4. Click the email address of the user.
  5. Click Deactivate User.
  6. Check the option presented to share their account to yours.
  7. Click Yes, Deactivate.


  1. To deactivate a user, log in as the account (or group) admin and click the Account tab. Then click View All Users under Users & Groups and click the email of the user.

  2. You are taken to the admin page for that user. To deactivate, click Deactivate User.

  3. After you click Deactivate User, you are presented with a confirmation page. The text of the confirmation affirms that you understand this user can no longer log in, or send or sign agreements.

    You are also asked if you want to view all the agreements in the inactivated account. This option is only available if you have account sharing enabled.

    Selecting this box establishes a one-way share that populates all the agreements from the inactivated user onto your Manage tab. You can cancel this share at any time.


    You can come back, reactivate the user, and deactivate them again if you want to establish this share in the future.

  4. Once you're ready, click Yes, deactivate.

  5. You are then taken back to the user's admin page, where you can see their status is set to INACTIVE.

Tips from Support

  • Deactivated users cannot sign documents or login. If you need the user to sign documents, open a ticket with Support to have them remove the users from your account and reactivate them.


Ensure that the account admin is the one opening the case. For security purposes, only a request from the account admin will be fulfilled.

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