Acrobat Sign for Workday Trial: Installation Guide


Adobe Acrobat Sign for Workday Trial: Installation Guide explains how to activate a trial account with Adobe Acrobat Sign and then integrate it into the Workday client. To use Acrobat Sign within Workday, you must know how to:

  • Create a Business process framework
  • Set up and configure Workday client
  • Create Acrobat Sign and Workday Studio integration

Note: If you have an existing Acrobat Sign account, you do not require a trial account. You may contact your Client Success Manager to request Workday integration.

To be able to send agreements using Acrobat Sign from within Workday, you must complete the following steps:

  • Activate your trial account with Acrobat Sign
  • Configure the Workday client

Activate your Acrobat Sign trial account

To request a 30-day trial of Adobe Acrobat Sign, you must fill out this registration form.

Note: We suggest that you use a valid functional email address to create the trial and not a temporary email. You must access this email to verify the account, so the address must be valid.


Within one business day, Acrobat Sign's onboarding specialist provisions your account (in Acrobat Sign) for Workday. Once complete, you receive a confirmation email as shown below. 


To initialize your account and access your Adobe Acrobat Sign Home page, follow the directions in the email.

Configure the Workday Client

To complete the connection between the Workday client and Acrobat Sign, a trusted relationship must be established between the services. Once the relationship is established, each business process in Workday can have a Review Document step added to enable the signing process via Acrobat Sign.

To create the trusted relationship:

  1. Log in to Workday as an account administrator.

  2. Locate and open the Edit Client Setup - Business Processes page.

  3. Go to eSignature Configuration section and then select Authenticate with Adobe.

    It starts the OAuth2.0 authentication sequence.

  4. When prompted, provide the credentials for the Acrobat Sign Group admin that you created earlier.

  5. In the permissions dialog, approve access to Acrobat Sign.

    Once connected, the 'Adobe configuration enabled' checkbox is set and you can begin using Acrobat Sign within Workday.

    eSignature Configuration


    Make sure that you completely log out of any other Adobe Acrobat Sign instance before proceeding.

You can now add Acrobat Sign functionality to any Business Process by adding a Review Document Step and then configure it to use Acrobat Sign for e-signatures.

Configure the Review Document step

The document for the Review Document Step can be either one of the following:

  • A static document
  • A document generated by a Generate Document step within the same business process
  • A formatted report created with the Workday Report Designer

You may add any of these docs with Adobe Text Tags to control the look and position of the Acrobat Signing-specific components. The document source must be specified within the business process definition. It is not possible to upload an ad-hoc document while the business process is executing.

Unique to using Acrobat Sign with a Review Document Step is the ability to have serialized Signer Groups. This allows you to specify role-based groups that sign-in sequence. Acrobat Sign does not support parallel signing groups.

For help in configuring the Review Document Step, refer to the Quick Start guide.


Workday Support

Workday is the integration owner, and should be your first point of contact for questions about the scope of the integration, feature requests, or problems in day to day function of the integration.

The workday community has several good articles on how to troubleshoot the integration and generate documents:

Adobe Acrobat Sign Support

Adobe Acrobat Sign is the integration partner and should be contacted if the integration is failing to obtain signatures, or if notification of pending signatures fails.

Adobe Acrobat Sign Customers should contact their Customer Success Manager (CSM) for support. Alternatively, Adobe Technical Support can be reached by phone at 1-866-318-4100, wait for the product list then enter 4 and then 2 (as prompted).

Contact Adobe Sign Support


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