The agreement status is not updated to Signed in Salesforce, once an agreement has been signed. For example, the status may still be draft instead of Signed.

Such a status mismatch happens when automatic status update user has not been configured correctly. The automatic status update user is configured by adding valid Salesforce admin credentials. A common reason automatic status update user (ASUU) is misconfigured is when the Salesforce administrator password expires and the ASUU is not updated with the new password.

When Adobe Sign tries to update the status of an agreement record and fails, the API/integration key user (v15 and earlier) or authenticating user (v16 or later) will also be notified by e-mail.


  1. Go to the Adobe Sign Admin tab (former EchoSign admin tab).

  2. Go to the account Setup tab

  3. Click the "Update Salesforce User Name or Password to Enable Automatic Status Updates" link.

  4. Enter valid Salesforce admin credentials.

  5. A green success message indicates it is set ok.

Existing agreements with the wrong status

Once the ASUU has been set, existing agreements with the wrong status need to be manually updated.

  1. Go to the Agreements tab.

  2. Create a view listing all agreements which status is not Signed.

  3. In this view select all agreement and click the update button.

When using version 14 or older of the Adobe Sign for Salesforce application

To determine which version of our application is installed, go to Setup > installed packages.

Version 14 and earlier do not have the batch feature. We recommend updating the application to the current version from the Salesforce appexchange.

If updating is not an option you'll need to use the dataloader to export the agreements with the wrong status, update the .csv and update the status column.

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