Unhandled error—Error Code, number string

If you are getting an error message that contains a large number like Unhandled Error: 140217101958131.ord-prod-appll, report the code to support immediately (see the link below).

Unhandled errors are events in the system that cause the process to stop abruptly and write a log file. That large number at the end of your error code is the log file, and details the root cause of the issue.

Providing Adobe with the exact steps that you performed before the error occurred helps us get to a solution more quickly. And if you can replicate the error dependably, let us know that also.

The first thing Adobe does is try to replicate the error.  Replicating the error gets us most of the way toward finding a solution. Any details you can provide (process, documents, special settings) that will help us replicate the issue, are appreciated.

To begin troubleshooting the problem, restart your system (to ensure that you have no failing plug-ins or application issues), and try a different browser (to eliminate the browser environments as a variable).

And, please report the error to Adobe.


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Login errors

Log in errors for Adobe Sign include one of two messages:

  • "Your account has been deactivated. Please contact your support staff."
  • "Invalid email or password, or your account may be locked."

Both error messages are described below with their corrective actions:

Your account has been deactivated. Please contact your support staff

This error indicates that your account has been deactivated by an Account Administrator. An Inactive user can't access Adobe Sign services in any way, not even to sign a document.

Contact your Adobe Sign account admin and have them reactivate you user ID. If you do not know who your admin is, contact Adobe Sign support, and ask which admin has inactivated your user ID.

Support can provide the name and email of the Admin, but cannot reactivate the user unless an active Account Admin provides instruction or approval.

Invalid email or password, or your account may be locked

This error indicates that your user ID and password are mismatched, or you have tried logging in too many times, and been locked out.

There are several reasons this error can appear, but the only corrective action is to reset your password by clicking the I forgot my password link.

Enter the email address bound to your user ID in the Forgot Your Password dialog box, and click Submit. An email with further instructions is sent to your email address.

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