How to use the Uniform Index field on the Add Recipient object in Salesforce? | Adobe Sign


This article talks about the use case for using the Uniform Index field on the "Add Recipient" object in Adobe Sign for Salesforce.


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The Uniform Index basically marks "All" the contacts in the object at the same recipient order, it means, it sets all the contacts to be able to sign in parallel.

Pre-requisites: It is exposed on the Agreement template, so it works with the Agreement templates with the Master object as Account/Opportunity. (An object that has a Contact-related list.)

  1. Open the Agreement Template > Add recipient related list > New button.
  2. In the Source of Recipient list, select "All Account Contact Roles/All Opportunity Contact roles".
    It displays the Uniform Index check box.
  3. Select the Uniform Index check box.
  4. Click Save.

While sending the agreement using this template from the Master object, all the contacts as the recipient with the same index are specified in the Index box on the Agreement Template.

Refer the following screenshot for reference: