Whenever the Merge/Data mapping fails, the first step is to look under the following columns in the Agreement list view for that Agreement record:

  1. Merge Mapping: Which Merge mapping is selected?
  2. Merge Mapping Result: Processing/Completed/Failed - This picklist tells the status of the Merge Mapping.
  3. Merge Mapping Error: Why did the Merge Mapping failed?
  4. Data Mapping: Which Data mapping is selected?
  5. Data Mapping Error:  Why did Data Mapping failed?
  6. Data Mapping Result: Processing/Completed/Failed  - This picklist tells the status of the Data Mapping.

By default, these fields (columns) are not added to the Agreement list view, hence, follow underlying steps to get them added.


Adding the Merge/Data Mapping Error column in the Agreement list view

  1. Log in to Salesforce.

  2. Click the Agreements Tab.

  3. Click the List view controls > New.

  4.  In the New List View dialog box, create a name to whom access is given.

  5. Once you click save, the list view is created for all agreements by default.

  6. Click List view Controls > Select Fields to Display.

  7. In the Select Fields to Display dialog box, add the following fields as per your requirement.

  8. The final view shows the errors, if any.


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