Request signatures in bulk with Send in Bulk

Send in bulk allows you to upload a form and use that as a template to create and send many (hundreds!) of unique agreements, each dedicated to one external signer.

Each agreement is insulated from the others and contains its own audit report. Each recipient is unaware of all other recipients.

The sender has access to the agreements through their Documents tab or through the Send in bulk template, which contains an Agreements report that tracks the overall status of the child agreements created from the template. Additionally, the sender can export the field-level data of all completed agreements in a CSV format using the Download Form Field Data action.

Send in bulk can be found by:

  • Select the E-Sign menu item in the top navigation bar and then select Send in bulk in the pop-down list of features.
  • Select Tools and pick Send in bulk from the tools carousel.
Send in Bulk tool options

Steps to send in bulk

  1. Select the Send in Bulk tool as explained earlier. The Send in bulk file upload page is displayed.

  2. Add a file:

    Upload (by search or drag-and-drop) the primary file that you are using to build your agreement template.

    The selector on the right of the Select a file button allows you to choose from the source where the file resides. The default is your local system.

    Add files

    Once a file is selected, the configuration page loads.

  3. Add participants:

    1. List the participants required.

    • The Sign action is assigned by default.
    • The Sign action allows the participant to enter field data and sign the agreement.
    • Up to 50 participants are supported.
    • Each participant listed receives their own agreement.    

    2. Enter recipient email addresses followed by commas, or copy and paste a list of email addresses into the Email field.

    3. Configure participant authentication by clicking the key icon to the right of the participant.

    • Email is the default authentication method for confirming the identity of each participant and is sufficient to obtain a legal signature in most cases.
    • Password authentication can be added to increase security. When configured, the participant must enter the password before they can interact with the agreement.
    • You must share this password with the participants out-of-band.

    3. (Optional) Add yourself and/or CC'd parties

    • Click Add me to add yourself as a counter signer.
    • Click Add cc to add people you want to be copied when the agreement is sent and complete.
    Configured participants

  4. (Optional) Add additional files if needed.

    The initial file selected to start the agreement template is already attached.

    Upload any additional file(s) that you require.

    • Multiple files can be uploaded.
    • All files uploaded are concatenated into one file for the final agreement.
    • The order the files are listed dictates how the final agreement will look.
      • You can click and drag the files to sort them.
    Add files as needed

  5. Add Agreement Details:

    • Name your agreement. All agreements generated from the Send in bulk template will have the same agreement name.
    • Change the default text in the Message field as appropriate.
  6. Edit the Agreement settings (Optional):

    By default, agreements do not require a password to view the completed agreement, nor do they have reminders set for participants

    • Select Add access password if you require recipients to enter a password to open and view the signed PDF file.
    • Select Set Reminder to set the frequency of reminders to be sent until the agreement is completed.
    Send in Bulk

  7. Click Next in the upper right corner of the window.

    The document is now ready to add any fields that you want the signers to fill in or sign.

    Completed configuration of Send In Bulk transaction


    If you have added multiple files, the files are converted into PDFs and combined into a single document. The combined document is opened for you to add fields.

  8. Prepare the Agreement and Add Fields:

    You can now add any necessary fields to the agreement. Remember that a Signature field must be placed for each signer (including internal counter-singers).

    There are two methods to apply fields:

    1. Simple Authoring is loaded by default in most instances. Simple authoring:

    • Is limited to the most common types of fields:
    • Text input (All Text fields are flagged as Required)
    • Signature
    • Signer's name (Printed)
    • Signer's email
    • Signature date (Read-Only; Supplied by the system)
    • Checkbox
    • Places fields anywhere you click on the document.
    • Allows resizing of fields by clicking the bottom right corner of the field (blue triangle) and dragging the field to size.
    Simple Authoring


    2. Advanced Authoring can be enabled by selecting the toggle in the upper right corner. Advanced authoring:

    Advanced authoring


    You can switch between Simple and Advanced mode by selecting the Advanced editing (on||off) toggle in the upper-right corner.

  9. Select Next (in the top-right corner) after all the fields have been placed.

  10. Review and Send

    Review the agreement information and Send if everything is correct.

    Review and Send

  11. Confirmation

    A confirmation message is shown verifying the agreement has been sent successfully.  

    There are three options to progress from the post-sending page:

    • Manage agreements - Opens the Bulk Sends page with all your agreements: track status, access audit trails, send reminder
    • Send another document in bulk- Prepare another document to send to many people
    • Click Close to return to the Acrobat online Home page
    Send in Bulk

Manage your bulk sends

Bulk sends can be managed from your Documents tab.

  1. Navigate to the Documents tab.
  2. Select Bulk Sends in the list of Your documents on the left side of the window.
  3. Single-click the Bulk Send you to want to access, opening the context menu on the right side of the window. The context menu on the right side contains five distinct sections:
  • Metadata (red square): At the top of the menu is the metadata for the Bulk Send template:
  • Image of the Bulk Sends' first page
  • The title of the Bulk Send
  • The date the Bulk Send was sent to the participants
  • The email value of the userID that created the Bulk Send
  • The current status of the whole Bulk Send
  • The Message provided in the initial email
  • Any CCd parties (listed by email value)
Send in Bulk context menu

  • Actions menu (blue square) - This section contains all of the actions you can take regarding the Bulk Send (parent template). Click the See More link at the bottom right of the section to see all values:
  • Open Bulk Send - Opens the Bulk Send template document for viewing only. No fields are available
  • Reminders – Add a reminder for yourself or everyone else who still needs to sign.
  • Cancel: Cancel the Bulk Send.
  • Download PDF - Downloads the whole (blank) PDF.
  • Download Form Field Data - Downloads a CSV file of the field-level content for all child agreements spawned from this parent Bulk Send that have been completed.
  • Download Individual Files - Provides the option to download the individual PDF files if multiple files were used to create the web form.
  • Hide/Unhide Bulk Send- Hide/Unhiding the Bulk Send simply removes (or adds) the Bulk Send from your normal Manage page view.
  • Share - Shares the Bulk Send along with its status with the user email you provide. Shared web forms can be viewed on the Manage page, but do not allow editing.
  • A PDF copy of the Bulk Send parent document (without added fields) is emailed to the sharee.
  • View Activity Report
  • View the current status of all child agreements created by the Bulk Send parent template.
  • Add Notes - Allows the user to make personal notes for the Bulk Send.
  • Agreements summary/filter (green square) - The Agreements section shows up to five values that reflect the number of child agreements in each status. If no child agreements are in a given status, the status is not exposed, so you may see fewer than five line items. Clicking any one status will produce a filter list of those child agreements:
  • All - Shows all (child) agreements that have spawned from the Bulk Send (parent template).
  • In Progress - Indicates that the child agreement is waiting for the participant to complete their signature.
  • Canceled - Indicates that either the sender explicitly canceled the child agreement, or the participant declined to sign.
  • Completed - Completed agreements have successfully obtained all signatures from all participants on the agreement.
  • Waiting for You - Indicates that the agreement is waiting for the sender to countersign the agreement.
  • Activity for the Bulk Send parent template (orange square) - The Activity > link at the bottom of the context panel opens a chronological list of the enablement actions taken against the (parent) Bulk Send template (eg: Creation, Completed events).


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