How to enable the Auto Delegation feature

Users can self-configure their auto delegation

A registered user's account can be configured to automatically delegate any agreement sent to their email address. This delegation happens automatically, and without challenge or notifications to the sender.


Agreements that only include the sender as the signer are not delegated via the auto-delegation setting. "Self-signing" workflows like Fill and Sign, Structured Self Sign, and sending an agreement only to yourself are always delivered to the sender.

In order to set the "Auto Delegation", perform the below steps:

  1. Log in to your Adobe Sign account

  2. Hover the mouse on the name shown on top right hand side and click My Profile

    Navigate to My Profile

  3. Under Personal Preferences, click the Auto Delegation option

  4. Enter the email address of user to whom all the future documents would be automatically delegated

  5. Click Save

    Set the Delegation email

Admins can configure auto delegation for Users:

A Group or Account Admin can also set the Auto Delgation for any (non-admin) users under their authority.

  1. Log into the Adobe Sign account as an Admin

  2. Click the Group or Account tab

  3. Click Users

  4. Single click the User you want to edit to expose the User actions

  5. Click Edit User

    Navgate to the user

  6. Enter the email address of the person you want the agreement requests to be delegated to

  7. Click Save

    Add Auto-delegation

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