Require recipient name when configuring an agreement or web form


Customers in regulated environments may need to ensure that the name-value associated with their recipients remains consistent throughout the agreement lifecycle. This can become problematic when a name value is provided, and that name changes during the signature process.

For example, a sender can include a recipient that is also an Acrobat Sign user in their account. Including an internal recipient provides a profile that is known to the Acrobat Sign system, and at the time the agreement is sent, the user's profile name is imported to the audit records and Manage page.

 When the internal recipient opens the agreement, their profile name is prefilled into the signature field. If the signer does nothing, their name is used as the signature, and the audit report is generated with their internally defined name. However, the signer can change their name within the signature block. If they do so, the new name value is used from that point on throughout the audit report and on the Manage page.

If a customer is examining the interim audit report to establish system compliance, the change from the interim to the final audit report may be seen as non-compliant.

To overcome this, admins can configure their account or groups to require a name value for each recipient as part of the agreement configuration process.


This feature only applies to agreements and web forms created through the Acrobat Sign web application.

Sending new agreements

When the option to require a recipient name value is enabled, the Send page is modified to insert an additional (required) field in the recipient configuration section:

Require recipient name enabled on the Send page

All recipients must have a name value provided. The name-value is presented as a read-only field during the signature process, and the recipient may not alter it.


Only recipients are impacted. CC'd parties do not require a name-value to be included.

Supported functions

Updating the recipient's name

The original sender of an agreement can change the name value of a recipient by opening the agreement in their Manage page, selecting the recipient, and clicking the Edit link:

Require recipient name

The audit report indicates the name change as a replaced signer with the same email value:

Require recipient name


The option to edit the recipient's name is only available until the first recipient applies their signature. After the first recipient has completed their activities on the agreement, all name values become immutable.

Replacing the recipient

Replacing the current recipient follows the same process, with the only exception being that a name-value is required when the new recipient is added:

Require recipient name

The audit report indicates the replaced signer with new name and email values:

Replace Recipient audit report

The recipient of an agreement can delegate their agreement authority by either clicking the delegate link in the "Review and sign" email, or through the Delegate signing to another option on the signing page:

Recipient delegation

The audit report indicates the replaced signer with new name and email values:

Require name delegation by recipient audit report

Current limitations

Custom workflows currently do not support requiring the name when a recipient is pre-defined.

Adding authentication that does require a name-value (e.g. Knowledge-based authentication) can still be used:

Custom workflows are not supported

Recipient groups

Recipient groups do not require that the name-value be included for each recipient in the group:

Require recipient name not required in recipient groups

Configuring web forms

When Require recipient name on Send is enabled, web form configuration also enforces a name-value for any defined counter-signers:

Require recipient name on web forms

The recipient experience

The recipient experience is not dramatically different when the required name value is applied. The practical differences are:

  • Typed signatures automatically populate the name-value as defined and cannot be edited.
  • Drawn/Image signatures present the name field in a read-only state.

The name-value associated with the audit report (and other surfaces where the name is exposed) is separate from the signature image. Because of this, Drawn (including Mobile) and Image signatures may display a different image of the name string than the name-value that is referenced throughout the document and auditing trail.

Require recipient name signature panel

How to enable/disable

To enable/disable the requirement for recipient names, navigate to Account Settings > Send Settings > Require recipient name when sending from Adobe Acrobat Sign web application.

Once the account/group is configured, users do not have the option to circumvent the requirement and must provide a name for each recipient.

Navigate to enable Require recipient name


The setting to require recipient names is embedded into the transaction when the agreement is sent. Changing the setting takes effect immediately for newly created agreements, but does not impact previously sent agreements.

Related settings

Signers can change their name or initials

In the Signature Preferences menu, there is a setting to lock name values for known users.

Enabling Signers can change their name or initials does not override the Require recipient name on Send setting.

Require recipient name - conflicting setting

Authentication methods that lock the name value

In the Send Settings menu, there are authentication methods with sub-settings requiring a signer name on the Send page (e.g. Knowledge-based authentication).

KBA Setings

When these settings are enabled in conjunction with the Require recipient name on Send setting, the name added on the recipient record is automatically imported to the authentication name fields.

If the name value is changed in the authentication method, the name values in the recipient record are updated to match. There is no method to have different values in these two interfaces.

Require recipient name imported values

Known issues

Users that are known to the account (existing Acrobat Sign users in a trusted account) may display a name value on the Manage page that is different than the name entered by the sender.

This is because the name used on the Manage page is pulled from the user's profile value when building the table of agreements. This behavior will be corrected to ensure the name used reflects the name entered by the sender in a future patch.

Given: Required recipient name is enabled for the sending account.

When an agreement is sent to a user email address that is registered to a user in the Acrobat System, the recipient's profile name is used in the audit report for Reminder events (instead of the provided recipient name).

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