Deploy Adobe Connect offline Help bundle

By default, the Help links in the Adobe Connect software point to If your organization desires to have the Connect Help links point to a location on your on-premise servers, follow the steps in this article.

Target systems

These instructions are intended for all licensed clusters running Connect versions.

Host Type Service/App Updated Stopped  Restarted
Connect App Adobe Connect Server
App Adobe Media Server
Connect App Adobe Media Administration Server
Connect App Telephony Svc
Connect App (TS) Arkadin TA
Connect App (TS) Intercall TA
Connect App (TS) MeetingOne TA
Connect App (TS) Premiere TA
CQ Author Author
CQ Publisher Publisher
Download Connect Add-in (Win) NA
Download Connect Add-in (Mac) NA

How to deploy

To ensure a successful deployment, follow the steps below:

  1. Make a backup copy of the custom.ini file and the appserv\common\help folder.
  2. Download the ZIP archive of the Help bundle from our Adobe Connect Patches page:
  3. Find the offline Help bundle that corresponds to your Adobe Connect version.
  4. Extract the contents to the appserv\common\help folder. Do not overwrite the existing Help files and rename any folder.
  5. Update the custom.ini file.
  6. Open the custom.ini file in a text editor.
  7. Locate the HELP_HOST setting in the custom.ini file. If not found, add HELP_HOST.
  8. Set the HELP_HOST value to empty.
  9. Stop and restart the Adobe Connect Server service.

How to roll back


To roll back the offline Help bundle, make sure the backup task is completed.

To roll back the Connect offline Help bundle, follow the steps below :

  1. Stop the Adobe Connect Services.
  2. Delete the appserv\common\help folder.
  3. Restore the appserv\common\help folder and the custom.ini file from backup.
  4. Restart the Adobe Connect Services.


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