Learn how to export high-resolution video from compositions using the Render Queue and the Pro-Res and DNxHD codecs.

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This sample file contains assets provided by Adobe Stock for your tutorial practice purposes only. Check out the ReadMe file in the folder for the terms of use for this file. Adobe Stock has millions of royalty-free images and videos for your commercial use. You can get 10 images with a free month trial.

What you learned: Export a broadcast-quality video file

Note the bit depth settings in your project

  1. Click the Project Settings button in the bottom of the Project panel to open the Color settings and to find out the bit depth of your project. (Higher settings like 16 or 32 bit will require specific codec settings when you render your project.)
  2. Change the setting in the Depth drop-down menu (if desired), and click OK to close the panel.

Tip: Artists and designers often work at higher bit depth to smooth out gradients and access more varying colors. Working at higher bit depth does require more processing, and 8 bit is the minimum depth required for broadcast-quality video.

Add the composition to the Render Queue

  1. Make the Timeline panel active for the composition to render.
  2. Choose Composition > Add to Render Queue.

Adjust settings in the Render Queue to determine the kind of file to render

  1. Click Best Settings (blue text) next to the Render Settings heading to access and change settings like the duration of the area you want to render. Click OK.
  2. Click Lossless (blue text) next to the Output Module heading to set the kind of file to render.
  3. Set the Format drop-down menu to QuickTime, and click the Format Options button to set the codec for the QuickTime file. Click OK.
  4. Click the blue text next to the Output To heading to set the location and name of the file. Click Save. 
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