Share your animated lower third from Adobe After Effects as a template for editors to use in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Tablet displays woman’s portrait with her name and title in the lower third right hand corner.

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Feel free to use our practice file (based on Animate a lower third), or use your own layered lower third design.

Starting with a completed lower third in After Effects, open the Essential Graphics panel (Window > Essential Graphics). In the panel, name the template, set Master to the composition that contains the design’s layers, and solo the supported properties.

To create a template, open a completed lower third, open Essential Graphics panel, name the template, and select Master.

Drag a supported property from the composition to the Essential Graphics panel that you want to include in the template — for example, the Source Text property of a text layer and the Fill Color and Opacity properties of a shape layer. Precompose the layers (Layer > Pre-compose) so you can include the Position property of the entire lower third. Click inside a dragged-over property to rename it, and click Edit Properties to enable additional formatting options in the template.

Supported properties are dragged from composition to Essential Graphics panel, and layer is precomposed.

Drag properties up and down to reposition them in the Essential Graphics panel. Use the Add Formatting drop-down menu to insert a comment or a container that you can group properties into. To remove a property, select it and press the Delete key.

Properties are repositioned in the Essential Graphics panel, and formatting is added.

Hide the video layer so it won’t be packaged with the template. Click the Export Motion Graphics Template button in the Essential Graphics panel. Determine the destination (choose a Creative Cloud Library), add unique, descriptive keywords if you wish, and click OK.

Video layer is hidden, Export As Motion Graphics Template is selected, and a destination in CC Libraries is chosen.

Test your template by launching Premiere Pro and switching to the Graphics workspace. Click the Browse tab in the Essential Graphics panel and search for the template — by name or keywords — in the appropriate library. After dragging it to a sequence and selecting it, you can update the default entries in the Edit tab as well as make other adjustments that the template allows. 

The template is opened in Premier Pro’s Graphics workspace, dragged to a sequence, and adjusted to reflect the video contents

Feel free to change the lower third’s design in After Effects. Just republish it as a Motion Graphics template, overwriting the existing one. Drag it again from the Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro to see the edits you made.

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