Perpetual licenses of Adobe Captivate will be discontinued from February 15, 2022


As Adobe continues to focus on developing new products, solutions and flexible licensing options, we have decided to discontinue Adobe Captivate perpetual licenses, worldwide.

Adobe Captivate, post February 15, 2022, will be available through subscription licensing options only, which anyway is today’s preferred licensing option by the vast majority of our users.

Subscribers get several advantages. The cost is lower for subscription and subscribers are provided both feature and security updates very regularly. The updates even include new media assets to use in your projects. Given that shift, subscription will become the new normal in February of 2022. At that point the old ‘perpetual’ model licenses will no longer be available. Instead, Captivate users may purchase Adobe Captivate using any of the subscription options. You can learn more about a Captivate Subscription at

What does the discontinuation of Adobe Captivate perpetual licenses mean?

After February 15, 2022, perpetual licenses of Adobe Captivate cannot be purchased in any geography through, or through Channel (Adobe authorized resellers) under:

  • Transactional Licensing Program (TLP)
  • Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP)
  • Adobe Software Assurance (ASA) [New or renewal]
  • Maintenance and Support (M&S) [New or renewal]

Will Adobe Captivate stop working for customers with perpetual licenses?

No. You can continue to access and use the current version of Adobe Captivate through your current license plan/serial key, but please note that post February 15, we will not support any security patches with the current version of Adobe Captivate.

We have an ASA/M&S contract. Until when can we access Adobe Captivate?

Customers who are currently enrolled for Adobe Software Assurance (ASA) or Maintenance and Support (M&S) plans for Adobe Captivate will continue to avail of the benefits for these programs till the expiry date of the current contract.

I want to use a serial key for Captivate. Where can I access a version which will allow me to use serial key?

Note that after February 15, 2022, we will not be supporting any security patches for the version which allows serial keys. However, if you still wish to use that version, you can download it from here – Windows | macOS

How can I upgrade to new versions of Adobe Captivate?

You can purchase subscription licenses from or through Channel.

For any information, contact Captivate support.


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