InDesign and Big Sur | macOS 11

Learn about compatibility between InDesign, Apple silicon, and Big Sur (macOS 11).

Is InDesign compatible with BigSur?

  • InDesign 16.0 and above versions are compatible with Big Sur (macOS 11).
  • InDesign 15.X and earlier versions have not been tested for compatibility with Big Sur (macOS 11).

Known issues

The following known issue is specific to Big Sur. 

Important! Until this issue is resolved, continue to work on your current macOS version or test in a non-production partition to ensure that your software or hardware is compatible.


Issue description

Change in appearance of the title bar in all dialogs.

In medium dark theme mode, InDesign displays black colored text on white background in the titles of all dialogs. 

The InDesign engineering team is investigating a fix for this issue.

Apple silicon compatibility

InDesign is natively compatible with Apple silicon devices from version 16.3 onwards. As an alternate, Apple silicon devices ship with Rosetta 2, an emulator that enables M1 processors to run Intel-based apps.

For more information, see InDesign for Apple Silicon.

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