Use the free RSS Blog widget to add a searchable blog to your website.

1. Download the RSS Blog widget

Go to the RSS Blog widget on the Adobe Muse widget directory. Click the Get this Widget button to download the RSS_Blog.mulib file. Double-click the file to automatically install it in your Library panel.

Get This Widget button

2. Open the site

Download the and open the file. Switch to Design mode and scroll down to the white section below the RSS Blog Widget area of the site. This is where you'll add the widget.

Open NomadDreamers file

3. Add the widget

Open the Library panel (Windows > Library) then open the RSS Blog folder and drag the RSS Blog widget onto the canvas.

The RSS Blog widget has two parts: the widget and the text styler. The text styler lets you use built-in Adobe Muse tools to create the styles you need. The text style box will not display when previewed or published.

Drag RSS Blog widget

4. Resize and position the widget

Select the text styler and move it well off the canvas. Then select the widget and drag a corner handle to resize it to fit the width of the content area.

Resize and reposition widget

5. Add an RSS feed

Select the blog widget and click the blue options button to open the RSS Blog Options panel.

In the RSS Feed URL field, change the default feed to You can give the feed an ID like "Nomad Dreamers" in the Give the feed an ID field.

Enable Use Snippets in the Content Options section and make sure Show Date is enabled in the Date and Time Options section.

Tip: You can add any blog to the widget as long as you have the RSS Feed URL. Look out for the orange RSS feed icon on a web page to locate the feed.

Add RSS feed

6. Style the text

Double-click the text styler select the Title text, then open the Text panel and change the font to Museo Sans > 100.

Style the text

Open the Paragraphs Styles panel (Windows> Paragraph Styles) you should see the rss title + style highlighted. Click the Redefine Style icon. Follow the same process to change the Date and Paragraph styles to the new font. 

The widget won't re-render the updated styles until you modify it, so resize the blog area slightly.

Paragraph Styles panel

7. Preview

Choose File> Preview Page in Browser and click News at the top of the page to jump down to the RSS Blog Widget section. Click on an item in the blog and it will take you directly to the blog article. 

Preview page in browser

For more blogging widgets check out the Adobe Muse widget directory.


That's it – you're done. Tell us what you think about this tutorial.




Contributors:, Chris Kellet, Ali Pordeli

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