Adobe Acrobat Sign Release Notes


This document highlights the new features,  experience changes, and resolved issues in the customer-facing application for the most recent release.

Developer-centric updates to the API and Webhooks are documented in the Acrobat Sign developer guide.

Not all features/changes are guaranteed to be enabled on the date of the release.

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Production deployment: January 17, 2023
GovCloud deployment: January 23, 2023

Improved Functionality

  • Replace any recipient - The ability to replace the current recipient has been extended to apply to any recipient that has not yet signed the agreement, allowing the editing/replacement of email addresses for any future recipient on the agreement.

Learn more about replacing recipients >

Replace any recipient

Experience Changes

2023 W-4 Employee’s Withholding Certificate added to the Acrobat Sign library - Customers that use the US W-4 tax form template in the Acrobat Sign library have access to the 2023 version, fully tagged and ready to send. Customers can download the PDF and edit it to create their own version as needed.

REST API/Webhook Updates

API and webhook updates for this release can be found in the Acrobat Sign API documentation.


  • AGREEMENT_EXPIRATION_UPDATED event added to the application interface - The AGREEMENT_EXPIRATION_UPDATED event has been added to the customer-facing interface as a selectable event for agreements.

Learn more about Webhooks >

Agreement Expiration Updated event


Enablement date

Available to (service type)

Configuration level

Replace any recipient

With the release

All service levels

Multi-license accounts: Account/Group
Individual licensed accounts: Enabled, not configurable

Webhook update

With the release

Business and Enterprise

Not configurable

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