Frame sequence formats

Format Read Write
Cineon Yes Yes
DPX, DPX 2.0 Yes Yes
Targa Yes Yes
JPEG Yes Yes
PNG Yes Yes
TIFF Yes Yes
Pixarlog TIFF Yes No
Floating Point TIFF Yes Yes
Maya IFF Yes Yes
Lightwave IFF Yes Yes
RGB (SGI) Yes Yes
Softimage PIC Yes Yes
Wavefront RLA Yes Yes
Wavefront RPF Yes No
Windows Bitmap Yes Yes
GIF Yes No
Cinema DNG Yes Yes
OpenEXR Yes Yes

Movie file formats

Format Read Write
Windows AVI Windows only Windows only
Quicktime Yes Yes

RAW file formats

The supported RAW formats are read-only.

  • ARRI Alexa .ari
  • ARRI D21 .ari
  • Phantom HD / GOLD / FLEX / 65 (.cine)
  • REDCode RAW (.r3d)
  • Silicon Imaging SI 2K/SI Mini (Uncompressed .siv)
  • Weisscam HS-1/HS-2 RAW (.wcr)
  • Weisscam HS-2 Digimag (.fhg*)

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