End of Core Support Notice for Adobe LiveCycle

With the availability of AEM Forms for more than 4 years and per Adobe’s published product and technical support periods, Adobe has discontinued core technical support for Adobe LiveCycle as of March 2018. For organizations who need extra time to plan migration to Adobe’s latest technology, Extended Maintenance and Support is available an additional two years after the end of Core Support Period. Extended technical support for Adobe LiveCycle will be available through March 2020. If organizations elect to purchase Extended Support, the Annual Support Fee for the first year and / or the renewal (second year), is an additional 25% of the Annual Support fee for the current renewal term. For details, see Adobe’s Support Lifecycle Policy.

We want to help our customers make a smooth transition to Adobe Experience Manager Forms to take advantage of all the new innovations and help solve their business needs.

Adobe LiveCycle customers can upgrade directly from LiveCycle ES4 to the latest version of Experience Manager Forms. Upgrade consulting services are available from Adobe professional services and Adobe’s solution partner network, or if customers wish to complete upgrades themselves they can reference the public documentation for doing so.

For more information, including support or sales inquiries regarding upgrading to Experience Manager Forms, please contact us here.

Frequently asked questions

You can search by product and version name in the Products and technical support periods.

No, AEM Forms is built on the same Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) technology stack as Adobe LiveCycle and can run in two modes – JEE and OSGI. AEM Forms includes access to most of the modules available in LiveCycle, as well as several years of feature enhancements supporting digital enrollment, onboarding and communications.

Call +1 (800) 685-3644, press 2, then 1, and ask about purchasing AEM Forms Designer standalone. See below for description of what is included in AEM Forms Designer vs. AEM Forms.

  • AEM Forms Designer is a graphical form design tool that simplifies the creation of forms. Form designers can create dynamic PDF forms or XML templates. Dynamic PDF forms can be used with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to capture data and save locally or submit to backend systems. Leveraging AEM Forms server components (not included with AEM Forms Designer), the XML templates created in Designer can generate dynamic, data-driven documents for print, web, or archival or HTML5 forms for data capture. Form designers can integrate these into existing workflows by binding forms to XML schemas, XML sample files, databases, and web services. Forms and documents that are created in Designer can be merged with business data and rendered as many file types including PDF, HTML5, and printing for PCL, Adobe PostScript and Zebra (ZPL) printers.
  • AEM Forms Designer is included with the bill of materials for AEM Forms, and existing Adobe LiveCycle Designer customers also have the option to request purchasing AEM Forms Designer standalone.

  • AEM Forms supports enterprise enrollment, onboarding and customer communications use cases with the ability to create, manage and deliver forms and documents to any device or screen size from a centralized authoring interface, making use of reusable components, templates and themes, and with the ability to associate forms and documents to workflows and backend systems for seamless processing of data and routing of information.
  • AEM Forms is a capability of Adobe Experience Manager.
  • AEM is built on a Java runtime and developed using frameworks such as OSGi and Apache Sling.
  • The OSGi modular and dynamic model reduces operational costs and integrates multiple devices in a networked environment.
  • AEM Forms is also available to install as AEM Forms JEE, which is built on the same technology stack as Adobe LiveCycle and still includes all legacy LiveCycle services, in addition to all new AEM Forms features (AEM Forms JEE is in general the recommended path for customers upgrading from LiveCycle).