Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 5

Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 5

Bug ID Description Component
CF-4204003 When creating a DSN via the Admin API, the default Select Method is Cursor. The GUI defaults to Direct. Administrator : Admin API
CF-4204002 When creating a DSN for MSSQL via setMSSQL() function, a few defaults do not get set as expected. Administrator : Admin API
CF-4204166 When a Chained Scheduled Task runs, the 'Last Run' shows either 'Not Run' or incorrect date/time in ColdFusion Administrator > Server Settings > Scheduled Tasks. Administrator : Administrator Console
CF-4204060 If a change is made to the per application for In-Memory Virtual File system setting and the server is not restarted, the setting does not get reflected during runtime.. Administrator : Administrator Console
CF-4203843 The ColdFusion Administrator URL is case-sensitive. Administrator : Administrator Console
CF-4204169 You can select more then one row when attribute mulirowselect = false/no in the cfgrid tag. AJAX
CF-4203974 When using ArrayFind, the exception, Variable IMPLICITARRYSTRUCTVAR16 is undefined appears. Application Framework
CF-4204024 When dumping the form scope inside Application.cfc, either outside any functions, or even in a function such as onRequestStart, the setting sameFormFieldsAsArray is not always honored. Application Framework : ApplicationCFC
CF-4204458 When setting sameFormFieldsAsArray to true in the Application.cfc, the value in the form scope cause an error when used with array member functions and when passed in to some array functions. Application Framework : PerAppSettings
CF-4203365 The error message Routines cannot be declared more than once gets displayed for a function that is included twice with runonce=true. CFComponent
CF-4204128 In cfgrid, changes to a column produces unexpected results. CFForm : HTML
CF-4203491 Unexpected issues with bar charts. Charting/Graphing
CF-4203382 Pie charts created using cfchart with any 0 (zero) data values produce unexpected results. Charting/Graphing
CF-4202001 When using show3d="yes" for <cfchart url="">, the URL does not get reflected in the page. Charting/Graphing
CF-4201268 There are issues when refreshing and/or destroying a chart. Charting/Graphing
CF-4199428 Characters such as " cause cfchart to fail with an error message. Charting/Graphing
CF-3859367 $VALUE$ , $ITEMLABEL$, and $SERIESLABEL$ for attribute URL of CFCHART only work with PNG/JPG and not FLASH/HTML. Charting/Graphing
CF-3850838 When there are many values to put on a pie chart, but one comes out as 100%, the whole chart vanishes. Charting/Graphing
CF-3842819 Tooltip displays incorrect series total. Charting/Graphing
CF-4204119 Creating a chart with many data points in format="png" throws an error. Charting/Graphing : Server
CF-4203837 In ColdFusion (2018 release), charts exported to JPG produce unexpected results. Charting/Graphing : Server
CF-4198546 You are unable to set custom Disk Cache location in CFAdmin, neo-graphing.xml, or the adminapi. It always resets back to the default location. Charting/Graphing : Server
CF-4193936 When a chart is in PNG format ,the color difference is incorrect. Charting/Graphing : Server
CF-4203405 Connectors in ColdFusion (2016 release) throw Error 400 where the hostname contains an underscore. Connector
CF-4204099 ColdFusion throws an exception when using callStackGet and looping through the result. Core Runtime : Parser/Compiler
CF-4204716 The cfquery tag fails inside a scheduled task with null message and null cause. Database : CFQuery
CF-4204298 When the scale property is added to a query parameter, it throws a java.lang.ClassCastException. Database : CFQuery
CF-4199071 The cfquery tag turns emojis into question marks on Insert in MySQL databases. Database : CFQuery
CF-4204302 Using an UPDATE statement in a Derby data source throws an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. Database : Derby
CF-4204296 The SpreadSheetAddFreezePane function throws an exception. Document Management : Office Integration
CF-4108544 The cfSpreadsheet tag incorrectly extracts year from dates. Document Management : Office Integration
CF-4197415 In cfpresentation (format="ppt"), there are formatting issues when generating PPT with HTML content. Document Management : Presentation
CF-4204028 The FileWrite function is unable to change FileObject's charset. File Management
CF-4196036 There are issues with cfhttp when the name of the file contains unicode characters. File Management
CF-4201409 There is an error message when uploading a file with the character İ in the filename when using cffile upload or uploadall. File Management : CFFile
CF-4204030 In AWS, S3 Content-Type is always application/octet-stream on first write. File Management : VFS-S3
CF-4203583 In AWS, when using CFFILE tag and function, there is a File Append error. File Management : VFS-S3
CF-4203582 In AWS, an extra metadata gets returned by the StoreGetMetadata tag. File Management : VFS-S3
CF-4204404 In ColdFusion (2018 release), application-specific mappings do not register correctly until an additional getApplicationMetadata() is called. Framework
CF-4203408 Referencing a variable in a nested structure generates an exception error. Functions
CF-4203083 When closing over a var-scoped struct, nested properties are inaccessible.. Functions
CF-4204191 CreateODBCDateTime() with DateFormat() and CreateODBCTime() results in incorrect ODBCDateTime output. Functions : Datetime
CF-4204179 References to Java objects extending Map interface do not work as expected with integer keys. Java Integration
CF-4203996 An error occurs when using a ternary conditional operator inside of <cfdocumentsection>. Language
CF-4204688 The araryEach() does not pass array reference to an UDF in the 2018 release of ColdFusion. Language
CF-4204468 An HTTP request erases on-the-fly app mappings on other requests until getApplicationMetadata() is called. Language
CF-4202734 A nested struct reference returns undefined/null from a closure. Language : Closures
CF-4202592 If a function returns a closure, and if it is immediately called, the call does not happen as expected. Language : Closures
CF-4198396 There must be support for arrow functions when declaring closures. Language : Closures
CF-4204053 ListAppend does not return the unchanged list when you add an empty string. Language : Functions
CF-4203086 RandRange returns incorrect range for negative values. Language : Functions
CF-4201549 Allow QueryNew(rowData), when rowData is an array of struct. Language : Functions
CF-4204307 When using member functions, the error message, Value must be initialized before use, appears. Language : Member Functions
CF-4203611 The function isDefined("local.myNull") returns incorrect results when null support is enabled. Language : Null Support
CF-4204103 The FORM scope does not display all values that are submitted when a post includes same named fields and one of those fields is of type="file". Language : Scopes
CF-4198398 Hibernatesql.log\esapiconfig.log does not get created for an instance. Logging
CF-4203900 The cfmail tag changes the from name to lowercase. Net Protocols : MAIL
CF-4198387 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace errors after upgrading to the 2016 release of ColdFusion. Performance
When connecting to Performance Monitoring Toolset,  there are database exception messages in the logs. Performance Monitoring Toolset: Database Monitoring

The following error message appears sometimes:

generatePBKDFKey- PBKDF2WithSHA256 algorithm is not supported by the Security Provider you have chosen.

CF-4203170 After upgrading to the 2018 release of ColdFusion, there are intermittent errors thrown by the cflogin tag. Security : Authentication
CF-4204405 When using Java 11, urls that are longer than expected cause ColdFusion to throw an exception and abort further processing. Validation
CF-4204079 The isJSON functions sometimes return true for a string, which is not in an acceptable JSON format. Validation
CF-4203526 ColdFusion uses an invalid attribute, packetSize, in Tomcat HTTP connector settings. Web Container (Tomcat)
CF-4204110 When a request is made to a particular REST service, there is a NullPointerException for every request. Web Services : REST Service

Known issues in this release

  • An exception occurs if an attempt is made to index a zipped directory containing powerpoint file(s). 
  • Adminservlet war was being copied even though the remote admin component had been disabled. If you install/uninstall the update, ensure that you delete the folders present inside the [CF Home]\[Instance Name]\jetty\work directory, and restart the ColdFusionAddonServices after update is installed. This ensures that the latest changes are picked up by  the Jetty server.
  • CF-4204191: The CreateODBCDateTime() function was using epoch time as 01-FEB-1970. Now it is fixed to use ColdFusion's epoch time, 30-DEC-1899. 
  • When using single-line lambdas in built-in functions, use an explicit return statement within braces (for example, (item) =>  {return item.rating >= 3;}
  • If you have added a whitelisted IP address, it is not removed even after you have uninstalled the update.
  • Web pages do not render as expected when document root of Apache contains localized characters. As a work-around, create a document root with only English characters.
  • CF-4198851: For the fix for “PBKDF2WithSHA256 algorithm is not supported by the security provider” bug, ensure the JDK used is JDK 10 or higher.

Known issues reported after the update

  • CF-4205250: A <cfoutput> tag outside a function call  causes a nested tag error if the function call contains a <cfoutput query="">.
  • CF-4205251: Nested implicit structures in an argument in an IF statement throws an exception.
  • CF-4205268: When writing a function, a Lambda expression requires the code to be written inside a block.
  • CF-4205245: When a fat arrow function has curly braces around the body, only an explicit return statement must return a value. The implicit return behavior only applies to a function body with no curly braces.
  • CF-4205246: A UDF with a Fat arrow do not always parse as expected.
  • CF-4205247: When you pass a UDF with a Fat arrow into a BIF with no curly braces around, the body causes a parsing error.
  • CF-4205248: When you pass a Fat arrow function to a BIF with a default value on one of the parameters, an error occurs.
  • CF-4205269: A few queries that do not use cftransaction results in the exception, java.sql.SQLException: Datasource names for all the database tags within the cftransaction tag must be the same.
  • CF-4205370: In the Enterprise edition of ColdFusion (2018 release), you are unable to increase the maximum number of threads available for CFTHREAD above 10.

Revision history

10/9/2019: Added the bug CF-4205370.

10/1/2019: Added the issues reported after the release of the update.


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