About Marketplace fonts

What is Marketplace?

Marketplace was a collection of fonts that you could purchase and add to your Adobe account. It was retired in November 2019; any previously-purchased fonts are still licensed to your account.  

How do I use the fonts I purchased?

You'll use them in the same ways as library fonts. You can add them on your computer through Creative Cloud and use them in your desktop programs, or add them to a website using the embed code that we provide.

Note that Marketplace fonts are not downloaded and installed in the font directory of your computer, and you don't receive a copy of the font files.

Can I use Marketplace fonts for [your project idea here]?

For most projects: yes! Marketplace font purchases can be used in a variety of ways without any additional licensing. This includes creating:

  • Branding and promotional materials
  • T-shirts and other physical merchandise
  • Title cards for video and movie projects
  • Graphics for your business or website
  • Brochures in either PDF or printed form
  • A personal, corporate, or client website

What’s more, any digital assets created with the fonts can be delivered to your clients. (Though you can’t include the font files themselves).

For all the details, see our licensing FAQ and the full Terms of Use.   

What if a font I’ve purchased from the Marketplace isn't offered in the future?

Any previously-purchased Marketplace fonts remain licensed to you for both web and desktop use, even if they are no longer available for sale through Adobe. You'll find them under the Purchased tab in My Adobe Fonts.


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