Capture video from camcorders and webcams

Using the Capture window, you can capture live video from DV camcorders, HDV camcorders, webcams, and WDM devices. Copy the captured clips to your hard drive.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Turn on the webcam to capture live footage.
    • Connect the DV camcorder, HDV camcorder, or the WDM device to your computer using the FireWire (IEEE 1394) port.
  2. Click Add Media.

  3. From the Add Media panel, select the option for the device using which you want to capture video:

    • DV Camcorder
    • HDV Camcorder
    • Webcam Or WDM

    The Capture window appears.

    Capture panel

  4. In the Capturing Source menu, select the device from which you want to capture video clips. The video that the device captures is displayed in the panel below the Capturing Source menu.

  5. Click the Capture button.

  6. Specify a name for the captured video.

  7. To specify a location for the video, do one of the following:

    • To save files to the default Adobe folder, leave the location as it appears in the dialog box.
    • To specify a different location, click Browse (Windows)/Choose (Mac OS) and choose a folder. Alternatively, click Make New Folder (Windows)/New Folder (Mac OS) to create and name a new folder.
  8. Click Add Media and select Files And Folders.

  9. Browse to the location where you saved the video files and add them to the Quick view/Expert view timeline.

    Note: You can also use Windows Explorer to locate the saved video files and drag them to Adobe Premiere Elements.


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