Adobe Connect application for desktop 2021.3.27 Release Notes

This document contains details about Adobe Connect Application version 2021.3.27, including release dates, issues resolved, and improvements.


Adobe Connect Application 2021.3.27 is an optional update for Microsoft Windows 64-bit OS and Macintosh OS users and is not required for participating in Adobe Connect classrooms, webinars, or meetings.

This update is backwards compatible with all Adobe Connect 10.x and 11.x accounts.

Release date

Adobe Connect Application 2021.3.27 for Windows and Macintosh is available from April 1st, 2021. 

System requirements

For the latest system requirements, see the Adobe Connect Technical Specifications page.

Issues resolved with this version


Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description

Mac 4122670 Fixed an issue where app crashes if closed during login or update
Mac 4122719 Shortcuts (Cmd-B/I/U for formatting and Cmd-Z/Y for undo/redo) now work in the Notes pod
Mac 4123190 Fixed an issue where the wrong view was shown in the mini-palette when screen sharing
Mac 4123574 Fixed an issue where the screen shown during 'Pause and Annotate' was not synchronized
Mac 4123738 Fixed an issue where using Cmd-Z (undo) in a whiteboard would affect the Chat pod entry field
Mac 4124801 Fixed an intermittent issue where a recording playback would get stuck while preparing to launch
Mac 4125426 Fixed an issue where audio and video go out of sync when listening using a Bluetooth device
Mac 4126003 Fixed an issue where the first request to remote control screenshare from palette does not work
Mac 4126052 Fixed an issue where the app was crashing when changing Mac Accessibility settings
Mac 4126086 Fixed an issue where the screen share preview was unexpectedly full screen when maximizing the mini-palette
Mac 4126101 Fixed an issue where clicking on 'Check for updates' showed the app was up-to-date, even if an update was available
Mac 4126124 Fixed an issue where app would not launch from browser the first time after the app was installed
Mac 4126210 Fixed an issue connecting over certain VPN/firewalls by adding support for PAC file / Proxy settings
Mac 4126268 Fixed an issue where screen sharing stopped if layouts changed
Win 4122868 Fixed an issue where the application would not quit before updating
Win 4123665 Fixed an issue where meetings intermittently stuck on 87% “Preparing the Room”
Win 4125250 Fixed an issue where audio in a recording was garbled only in Standard view
Win 4126662 Fixed an issue where some virtual cameras were not being detected (users will need to ensure these cameras are enabled via registry setting) 
Win 4126803 Fixed an issue where a number of '.raw' files were appearing on the desktop after launching the app
Win 4126831 Fixed an issue where the application would unexpectedly reopen the meeting after choosing End Session/End Now
Win 4126888 Fixed an issue where older applications would not successfully update from app update notification
Win, Mac 4126249 Fixed an issue where the availability of application updates were not being checked from launch URL
Win, Mac 4126331 Clicking on email addresses in chat pod will now redirect to default mail app
Win, Mac 4126333 Fixed an issue where updating the application could not be cancelled
Win, Mac 4126334 Added ability to automatically rejoin a meeting after updating application
Win, Mac 4126427 Application framework update improves stability and resolves custom pod issues
Win, Mac 4126766 Fixed an issue where users were prompted to update before determining if update was required