Sync limits

The font sync limit for your Typekit subscription indicates the total number of fonts that you can have selected for sync use at the same time. Font weights and styles are each counted as individual syncs within the font family; for example, selecting the regular, italic, and bold fonts from Proxima Nova is counted as three synced fonts.

Typekit plan sync limits range from 20 fonts with a Free plan to 5,000 fonts on our highest level Business Plan. The font sync limit for your plan is listed on your Typekit Account page, along with a count of how many fonts you have selected.

You may add or remove fonts from your sync selections at any time. Fonts purchased from the Typekit Marketplace do not count towards your sync limit.

Typekit doesn’t currently block you from syncing new fonts if you're over the limit for your plan, but we display a message letting you know that you need to remove some of your current selections or upgrade to a plan with a higher sync limit.

Website pageview limits

The monthly pageview limit for your Typekit subscription refers to the total number of pageviews recorded across all of the webpages that are using fonts from Typekit.

Typekit plan pageview limits range from 25,000 pageviews per month on the Free plan to 25 million pageviews per month on our highest level Business Plan. The pageview limit for your plan and the usage for the current calendar month are available from your Typekit Account page.

If your pageview count exceeds 25 million per month, please contact the foundry that publishes the font to see what licensing options are available. You can find information about the foundry on the font's family page. Contact for additional information.

Typekit doesn’t automatically turn off your web font serving if you exceed your monthly pageview limit, but if you are consistently above, we’ll contact you about upgrading to a plan that better fits your website traffic.

How are pageviews measured?

A pageview is counted each time a kit is loaded into a webpage by including a one pixel transparent image named p.gif. The image is loaded asynchronously and will not affect loading the rest of the page. One pageview is counted per kit per pageload, independent of how many fonts are being used in that kit.

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