What is Typekit Marketplace?

Typekit Marketplace is a collection of fonts that you can purchase and add to your Typekit account. You'll recognize several of our existing foundry partners in the Marketplace, as well as many more we're delighted to welcome to the Typekit family.

Start exploring Typekit Marketplace

Choose the specific weights and styles you need, or spring for a complete package. The prices are set by the foundries, and purchases are charged to the credit card you have on file in your Adobe account. (We’ll ask you to add one during checkout, if this is your first Adobe purchase.)

Your new fonts will appear in your library on the Typekit website, as well as under the Purchased tab, and are immediately ready to use on the web or in desktop software.


Font purchases from the Typekit Marketplace are not available for legacy Typekit Enterprise or Creative Cloud Enterprise subscriptions or for Enterprise ID or Federated ID accounts.

Can I use Marketplace fonts for [your project idea here]?

For most projects: yes! Marketplace font purchases can be used in a variety of ways without any additional licensing. This includes creating:

  • Branding and promotional materials
  • T-shirts and other physical merchandise
  • Title cards for video and movie projects
  • Graphics for your business or website
  • Brochures in either PDF or printed form
  • A personal, corporate, or client website

What’s more, any digital assets created with the fonts can be delivered to your clients. (Though you can’t include the font files themselves).

For all the details, see our licensing FAQ and the full Typekit Services Agreement.   

How is Marketplace different than buying fonts from the foundry?

Marketplace fonts are not downloaded and installed in the font directory of your computer; they are synced from your Typekit account to your desktop programs via the Creative Cloud desktop application, or added to your websites with Typekit font hosting.

You won’t have direct access to the font files, so you will need to have the Creative Cloud application installed to sync the fonts. If you move from home to office or upgrade your computer, your Typekit fonts go right along with you.

How do I use the fonts I purchase?

You'll use them in the same ways as Typekit library fonts. You can sync them to your computer through the Creative Cloud desktop application and use them in a wide range of desktop programs, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, iWork, and more. You can also add them to a website using the embed code that we provide.

Fonts served through Typekit include all the typographic goodies that the type designer intended for you to have. OpenType features are right there for you to use, whether you're selecting alternates from the glyph palette or applying style and flair with CSS.  

Do I need to be a Creative Cloud subscriber?

If you don’t use Typekit already, you'll have to set up a free Creative Cloud account in order to buy and use Marketplace fonts. Marketplace fonts can also be added to any of our standalone Typekit subscriptions, including Typekit Free.

Can I use Marketplace with my regular Typekit subscription?

Yes! Marketplace fonts can be used alongside all the fonts from the subscription library.

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