FAQs about Adobe Connect account, usage, and subscription plans

Know about managing Adobe Connect account subscription, starting and managing trial accounts, and billing information.

Manage your annual, monthly, and pay-per-use accounts

How can I edit the information in my profile?

You can edit all of your account, billing, and payment information by logging in to your Adobe Connect Hosted Service Plan home page.

Can I upgrade my Adobe Connect Hosted service plan?

Yes. Adobe Connect Pay-Per-Use (PPU) customers can upgrade to a monthly service plan with five or ten seats. If you need additional seats or Adobe Connect features not available for PPU such as on-demand presentations, training or e-learning, contact Adobe Sales. They can help you with Adobe Connect annual or licensed solutions.

I have one account, but I want another one. How do I get a new account?

You can purchase any number of accounts: remember that they are all billed separately and have separate content and user profiles. To purchase a new service plan, select the type and complete the purchase process. You can use the same email however use a different password for purchasing multiple Adobe Connect subscriptions under one Adobe ID. When you log in, if Adobe Connect finds more than one account, it asks you to select the one you want from a list. You can also talk to Adobe Sales regarding customized annual or licensed options that are most appropriate for your use patterns and business.

Why do I have a different user name and password for Adobe Connect than for Adobe.com?

The Adobe Connect service is operated on a different system and domain (acrobat.com), and does not share access information with Adobe.com. You can update your Adobe Connect login information by logging in to the Adobe Connect Hosted Service Plan Home Page.

Getting help using Adobe Connect and a trial

I have an Adobe Connect Hosted service plan. What is my technical support entitlement?

If you have a five-user or ten-user monthly plan, you have access to five phone and email incidents per month. If you have a pay-per-use plan, you are entitled to one incident. Additional incidents can be purchased on an as-needed basis.

How do I contact technical support or customer service? What's the difference?

If you encounter an issue using your Adobe Connect Hosted account, you can fill out a Support Incident Report. The report emails your questions directly to the Adobe Connect technical support team. If you have account or billing-related questions, contact Adobe Customer Service. In addition, Adobe provides online information to you can use to manage your Adobe Connect account.

What if I need more support than what comes with my Adobe Connect plan?

Monthly and pay-per-use customers can purchase additional single incidents to access Technical Support. For more information regarding your options, see the Support Program Pricing Matrix.

Can I add or remove additional host from my existing connect account?

You can add or remove host from your connect subscription account by going to the Change Number Of Hosts section under the service plan page. You can add upto nine hosts to the account. Each host has a capacity of 25 attendees per meeting.

Where can I find my Adobe Connect phone conferencing number?

Your Adobe Connect phone conferencing number is in the upper-right corner of the meeting window. Your phone conferencing number is also in the welcome e-mail you received when you created your account.

Is there a toll free number I can use for my phone conference?

While Adobe does provide an 800 number within the account, use of this number by meeting participants results in a billable charge.

Trial accounts

Upon trial expiry, what happens to my meeting room and phone conferencing number?

Once your trial account expires, you have the option of subscribing on a monthly or annual basis. See the purchase options on the Adobe website at www.adobe.com/products/connect/. The telephone conferencing number that Adobe Connect generated remains the same for as long as you own your meeting room.

Can I extend my Adobe Connect Hosted Trial?

No, Adobe Connect Hosted Trials are for a limited time only. If you would like to continue to use the Adobe Connect account after your trial expires, you can purchase a pay-per-use plan. There is no monthly fee with the pay-per-use plan. You are only charged per-minute, per-user for the minutes used in any meetings you hold. For more information regarding Adobe Connect Hosted services, go to the Adobe Connect Hosted Service Plan home page.

When my trial expires, can I keep the information in my account by purchasing a Service Plan?

Yes. Log in to your trial (even if it has expired) and click the Service Plan tab. Click the plan you would like to purchase. Once the purchase has been confirmed, your meeting information from your trial version is available to you again.

Note: Service Plans are for Adobe Connect Live meetings only. If you have uploaded training or presentation content with your trial, you don't have access to this content unless you purchase an Annual subscription. Contact Adobe Sales for details.

Billing and subscription questions

When does Adobe charge my credit card?

For monthly plans, Adobe charges your credit card once a month on the anniversary of your sign-up date. For example, if you signed up on November 5, then subsequent billings occur on December 5, January 5, February 5, and so on. For annual plans, Adobe charges your credit card once a year on the anniversary of your sign-up date. For example, if you signed up on November 5 2017, then subsequent billings occur on November 5, 2018, November 5, 2019, and so on.

How do I cancel my account?

Cancel before the date of your next billing cycle to avoid subsequent monthly charges. Follow any one of the following methods:

  • Login to this self-help page using your Order Number and Password. Cancel your subscription.
  • Contact Support via phone, chat, or email and request a cancellation.

My account has been suspended. What do I do?

If your Adobe Connect Live service plan has been suspended, you can log in to your Adobe Connect Hosted Service Plan home page. There, you can see an explanation as to why your account has been suspended. Make the appropriate corrections to the account details to reactive the service.

I was unable to use the service when I wanted. Can I get a credit for lost time?

The service level for monthly and pay-per-use accounts is described in detail in the Adobe Connect Terms of Service for your account. Credits are not typically applicable. If you have experienced an issue using the service and believe that it is related to availability of the hosted service, contact Customer Service.

My Adobe Connect account was paid for by my company. How do I assign my account to someone else to administer?

You can transfer your account to another user by going to the Adobe Connect Hosted Service Plan home page and updating the account information. By updating the account, you are transferring both billing and Adobe Connect user data to another person. You can no longer log in to Adobe Connect. If you want to transfer billing responsibilities for the account, but keep your own account info, contact Customer Service. Make sure that the new billing contact is an account administrator. Click the Users tab in Connect to assign this role.

When do meeting charges start on pay-per-use accounts?

For pay-per-use (PPU) accounts, meeting charges are initiated as soon as the first user enters the meeting room (including the presenter of the meeting). As long as there is at least one user in the meeting, the Adobe Connect Live PPU account is charged US$.32 per user, per minute. Pay-per-use charges continue to accrue until the meeting is closed, or until all users have left the meeting. To make sure that the Adobe Connect Live PPU meeting is closed, and all charges stop, the meeting presenter uses the Stop Meeting feature.

How are my pay-per-use or overage charges calculated?

The Usage Detail view on the Service Plan tab shows exactly how many seats you used on your account over time. This usage is calculated for the account as a whole, regardless of how many meetings are in session at any one time. You can correlate this usage detail with meetings and participants by looking at Meeting Reports on the Reports tab.

I'm running out of seats in my meetings. What do I do?

You can either add additional seats to your plan, or enable overage for meetings on your account. Click Change Features on the Service Plan tab to select these features. Enabling overage means that you are charged for seats over those seats included in your plan on a per-minute basis. You can also talk to Adobe Sales regarding customized annual or licensed options that are most appropriate for your use patterns and business.

Is the Adobe Connect Live service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Yes. However, during periods of scheduled maintenance, the system can be temporarily unavailable for the duration of the maintenance. See the service level agreement for your account for additional information.

Can customers outside North America use the site?

Yes. However, Adobe Connect Live Monthly and PPU plans are available for purchase in U.S. dollars only. A valid credit card is required as this service is billed on an ongoing basis. Adobe is exploring the possibility of providing alternative payment methods and currencies.

Can I place a tax-exempt order for Adobe Connect?

Adobe is unable to process tax-exempt orders (including orders for most subscriptions) on the Adobe Store. If you qualify for tax exemption, contact Customer Service. Customer Service can process your tax-exempt forms and periodically refund taxes.


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