Adobe Connect Mobile 2.3 Release Notes

Host, share, collaborate, and train from anywhere, anytime, with the free Mobile Client for Adobe Connect. The client brings the major Adobe Connect capabilities to the palm of your hand for true mobility. Adobe Connect Mobile 2.3 includes new features and addresses defects. The application continues to be available in English, French, German, and Japanese.

This document contains information about the Adobe Connect Mobile 2.3 release, which is an update for all supported mobile platforms. Most of the new features are directed toward tablet devices. The smartphone capabilities in previous versions of the app continue to be available to Hosts on smaller form factor devices.

What's new in Adobe Connect Mobile 2.3

  • Enhanced whiteboard with new tools added.
    • Pen tool (requires Adobe Connect Server 9.3 or higher)
    • Pencil tool (requires Adobe Connect Server 9.3 or higher)
    • Arrange object tool (move objects to the front, to the back, and so on requires Adobe Connect server 9.3 or higher)
    • Pan and zoom tool (now available on tablets)
    • Updated color picker
    • Updated opacity size/value picker
  • Green Pointer support (requires Host on desktop meeting client to enable)
  • Host on desktop can grant permissions to participants and guests to draw on whiteboard without being a Presenter or Host on mobile
  • Support content created in Adobe Presenter 10 (Publish Format as ‘Both’ is supported)
  • Bug fixes

Key benefits

  • Anytime, anywhere meetings and virtual classes with quiz tracking
  • Rich hosting and presenting capabilities on the move
  • Photo, video, and document sharing from anyone present brings mobile users’ context and experience into the shared room, providing improved engagement in group collaboration, and improved engagement
  • Ease of use and exceptional touch experience, including advanced fingertip whiteboard drawing

System requirements

Visit the technical specification for the latest technical specifications, requirements, and recommendations.

Adobe Connect meeting

  • Most of the features of Adobe Connect Mobile are supported when attending meetings on Adobe Connect Server version 8.2 and higher, from a supported mobile device
  • New features added in Adobe Connect Mobile 2.3 may not be enabled in all Adobe Connect Server meetings running older than Connect Server version 9.3
  • Adobe Connect Mobile 2.3 does not support Connect Server version older than 8.2


  • Android 3.2 or higher
  • Devices: Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4, Nexus 7 tablet


  • iOS 7 or higher
  • Devices: iPhone 4 S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5 S, iPad 2 or higher, iPad mini, iPod touch (generation 4 and 5)


BlackBerry PlayBook – not supported in Adobe Connect Mobile 2.3

Issues resolved

  • Android devices running Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) cannot broadcast audio
  • The ‘Host’ string or button to promote user to Host is blank
  • When the option ‘Provide Dial-out option to participants’ is disabled, Mobile Client does not honor this option
  • When mobile user speaks, the phone icon flashes to indicate that the user is speaking
  • Audio conference does not always start when using custom UV profile
  • Share pod title does not show the updated title
  • When external keyboard connects to a device, tapping on the enter key does not activate and move to the next screen
  • The filled colors of objects (check, 3D arrow, star, cross) drawn on whiteboard are now rendered correctly

Known issues and limitations

Adobe Connect Mobile continues to provide only a subset of full desktop meeting functionality and pods.

  • Specially the Video Telephony, File Share, Web Links pods, and custom pods are not supported
  • Mobile hosts cannot add new layouts or pods to the meeting room
  • Mobile hosts cannot respond to Q&A questions
  • Mobile hosts cannot start breakout room
  • Mobile hosts and presenters cannot view the Presenter Only Area if enabled
  • Screen sharing is not available from mobile devices. This is primarily due to device operating system restrictions; not app feature priorities. This is considered a high priority request and the team is tracking it
  • Some of the compliance and security settings, such as, disabling raised hands, disabling recording, are not adhered to by the Mobile Client
  • When the host chooses to zoom in on a PDF, the Mobile Client does not zoom in automatically
  • Uploading content from the device to share in a Share pod is device and platform dependent. Apple iOS users can only upload photos from their photo library, while most Android users are able to load any supported content type
  • PowerPoint animations do not play if a user swipes. Use the arrow keys to advance forward or go backward and trigger animations
  • If PowerPoint presentation is published in Adobe Presenter to Connect server and then shared in multiple share pods, Mobile Clients cannot switch between the share pods to view the presentation
  • If there are two or more share pods that share PowerPoint presentations that are published using Adobe Presenter, the content and share pods do not behave as expected
  • Automatic reconnection upon server failover is not supported from Mobile Clients
  • ‘Request Control’ (of the Screen Sharing activity) is not supported
  • Video content support is device-dependent. MP4 and F4V content loaded directly into the Share pod plays back in the Share pod on Android, but not iOS. MP4 and F4V content embedded in a PowerPoint slide does not play in the Adobe Connect mobile app. SWF content is not supported on iOS or Android. FLV videos play on all the platforms
  • On some devices, there is no button to close the keyboard after typing in the Note pod
  • Copy and paste of text from one Note pod to another Note pod does not maintain rich text formatting
  • Quiz results do not display if the results slide has a gray background color
  • Some rich text formatting in the Note pod is removed as soon as a mobile user on iOS inputs any text in the Note pod. All font size and font color affect the entire Note pod
  • When sharing a Course in a virtual classroom and the Course content is a presentation (no quiz questions), the status for users is not marked as “Complete”. The workaround is once the presenter/host reaches the end of the presentation; go back to the first slide and then unsync the presentation. The Mobile Client must go through the entire slide presentation starting from the first slide in order for the course to be marked as “Complete”
  • Even though quiz taking is supported on phone and iPod touch, it is not recommended to take a quiz on these devices, as the user may find it difficult to tap the desired response given the device’s smaller form factor
  • Multiple choice, True/False, Matching, Fill-in-the-blank, and Hot spot quiz question types are supported but Short answer and Rating Scale quiz question types are not supported. When creating quiz questions for a mobile audience, do not use these unsupported quiz question types; otherwise, unexpected results occur. If mobile users interact with quizzes that include unsupported question types, mobile users may become stuck / unable to navigate the quiz, and quiz score data is not reliable
  • When sharing MP3 in a Share pod, the mobile presenter/host will not have access to a drawing tool
  • If a user experiences a disconnection and automatically reconnects to the meeting, the user’s session may be overwritten or renewed. This can result in an inaccurate report of total meeting session minutes attended by that user


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