Adobe Connect Mobile 3.0 app

About the app

Adobe Connect mobile app on Android and iOS allows you to attend meetings, webinars, and virtual classrooms from your phone or tablet.

Participate in video conferencing using the camera on your device. Use your microphone, speakers, a connected headset, or Bluetooth device to join meeting audio or choose to join a telephone conference if included with the meeting.

This app provides a modern User Interface, supports higher resolution camera broadcast, and supports both landscape and portrait view. Join either Classic or Standard meetings, including meetings with ‘enhanced audio’ enabled. 

Install the app


  • Android: Android 8.0 or higher. 
  • iOS: iOS 13.0 or higher.
  • Devices supported: iOS (iPhone 6s or higher, or iPad 5th generation, or higher) and Android-supported phones and tablets. 
  • Connectivity: WiFi or a standard 4G/5G mobile connection.

Note: The images and procedures below are from the Android app.

Log in to the app

There are two ways to join a meeting. You can simply click a link that may be shared in an email or in a calendar, or you can launch the app first, and manually type/paste the meeting room link. 

When you launch the app for the first time, you will be asked to provide a meeting room link, as shown below: 

Connect join a room
Connect join a room

If you have a link to a meeting room, type the URL in the field, and tap Continue

Connect room link
Connect room link

After the meeting room URL is validated, enter your email address and password to join the meeting. 

Connect credentials
Connect credentials

Registered user 

Enter your registered email address and password, and tap Sign In. If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot password link and follow the instructions to create a password. If you will be using the same registered user details for future meetings, select the Remember me check box to save your login information.


The login credentials are only remembered for a few days and will be cleared if not used often. To clear your remembered login details, tap the Sign out link at the top of the Join a room page. 

Guest user

If you do not have the Adobe Connect credentials and you want to join a meeting, you can log in as a guest user.

To log in as a guest, tap the link enter using your name, as shown below:

Guest login
Guest login

Enter your name and tap Continue

Guest name
Guest name

Launch page

Mobile web browser

If you do not have the app installed, launch a browser, and type the URL of the meeting room in the browser bar. Then enter your email address and password, and tap Enter Room.

Connect browser credentials
Connect browser credentials

App is installed

If the app is installed, launch the app, and then enter the meeting room using the email address and password.

Connect mobile app
Connect mobile app

Recent and favorites

All meeting rooms that you have signed into recently are listed under Recents tab.

Connect recent meetings tab
Connect recent meetings tab

Tap the ellipsis near a listed room and you see the following options.

  1. Open the meeting room. 

  2. Copy the meeting room URL. 

  3. Add the room to your favorites. If you have already added the room in the Favorites list, the option appears as grayed out. 

  4. Remove the room from the Recents list. 

Similarly, in the Favorites list, you can see a list of all rooms that you had marked as favorite.  

Connect favorites tab
Connect favorites tab

Tap the ellipsis near a listed favorite room and you see the following options: 

  1. Open the meeting room. 

  2. Copy the meeting room URL. 

  3. Remove the room from the favorites list. 

Single Sign-On (SSO)

If you are logging in to SSO-enabled accounts, then you will be redirected to your SSO authentication system after your credentials are validated. 



Once you have joined a meeting room, you can see the interface, as labeled below:

Connect interface
Connect interface

1 Share pod
Share PowerPoint and other content.
2 Video pod
Enable your camera and share the video.
3 Chat pod
Chat with meeting participants.
4 Attendee pod
View all participants including presenters.
5 Audio
Mute or unmute audio.
6 Record audio Enable Adobe Connect to record meeting audio.
7 Record video
Enable Adobe Connect to take pictures and record meeting videos.
8 Raise hand
Perform an action and make requests.
9 Main menu
Choose modes and also switch to the web browser.

The interface is available in both landscape and portrait modes. Rotate the phone to toggle between these display modes.

Bottom bar

The bar at the bottom of the app contains the following controls:

Bottom bar controls
Bottom bar controls

Audio: Mute or unmute yourself in a meeting.

Record audio: Record the meeting audio. You must first allow Adobe Connect to access the microphone. Go into your phone settings and grant the required permissions. When you log in to the app for the first time, the audio is disabled.

Record video: Record the meeting video and take pictures. You must first allow Adobe Connect to access the camera. Go into your phone settings and grant the required permissions. When you log in to the app for the first time, the camera is disabled.

Raise hand: Perform an action, such as, raise hand, or applaud, in the meeting. The Attendees pod displays the list of attendees who have performed a specific action.

Perform an action
Perform an action

Main menu: The main menu consists of these options: 

Connect main menu
Connect main menu

  • Standard mode: The standard mode allows you to access all content, such as audio or video, in the meeting. This mode is selected by default.
  • Commute mode: The commute mode is suitable for meetings while you are on a commute. The commute mode supports a listen-only mode where no video is shared. When you tap the Commute mode, an enlarged muted microphone icon appears.
  • Switch to web browser: If you tap this option, you can access the meeting on a browser, after getting your credentials validated. If there is a poll that you want to participate in or access some content, you can switch to the web browser. Log in as a guest or registered user and access the content on the browser. As a host, you cannot log in to the browser.
  • About: Displays the app details and asks your permission to send usage and crash-related information to Adobe Connect. The screen also contains links to privacy and terms of use.
  • Exit Room: Tap to exit the meeting room.

Microphone options

Once the host allows participants to use the microphone, you can see that the microphone icon appears on the app.

When you join a meeting room, you can see two options for joining the meeting audio:

  • Internet audio
  • Phone audio
Meeting audio options
Meeting audio options

After you join a meeting, the audio icon at the bottom of the app changes accordingly. Use this option to control the microphone or telephony input at any time of the call.

When you join a call using the phone audio, you may have the option to enter your phone number, and then receive a phone call. You are then invited to join the conference call. When your phone rings, the mobile app pauses to let you answer the call. You can later return to the application using the normal multitasking navigation of your device.

The phone status changes accordingly on the app.

Pods Bar

Share Pod

The Share pod will display content being shared by the meeting host or presenter. This may be either screen sharing or uploaded PowerPoint slides. If the host displays more than one Share pod, then there will be a drop-down list of all the available Share pods. The Share pod can also contain other types of content that may not yet be supported by this app. If the pod contains content that cannot be displayed, you will see a message indicating that this content cannot be viewed, and a link will be provided to open the meeting in a browser where the content can be viewed.

On the Share pod, you can share PowerPoint or Adobe Presenter content from your tablet or your mobile device. On the other hand, if a presenter is sharing any content, you can see the content on full screen and pinch to zoom or share the content. If the slides have animations, the participants can see the animations “as is” on their app.

Connect mobile app
Connect mobile app


Adobe Captivate output, Whiteboard, PDF, PNG/JPEG, MP3, and MP4 content types are not supported. The output types will be supported in a future update. 

Chat pod

Interact with users both publicly and in private mode. In the chat pod, when you tap +, you can see the options for a private chat.

Tap any participant’s name and start a private chat. If the private chat is disabled, you will only be able to interact or chat with the Hosts and Presenters.

Start a private chat
Start a private chat

Chat options

The chat options (...) allow you to change the size of the text, the color of the text, and switch on/off chat sounds.

Connect chat preferences
Connect chat preferences

Video pod

When the host starts sharing the camera, you can see a notification on the app that the host has shared a video. Tap the notification and you can view the host’s video. You can use the standard (240p) and HD (720p) display modes. Also, you can share your camera from phone to desktop. The host can enable webcam for participants on the mobile app.

You can change the size of the video pod to full screen and then restore the size. When the video pod is in full-screen mode, tapping the video pod displays the app options at the bottom.

Attendee pod

In the Attendee pod, you can see the hosts, participants, and presenters. If you are the host, you can change roles.

Connect attendee pod
Connect attendee pod

If you want to rename self, double tap your name, and rename. 

Connect rename self
Connect rename self

Other pods

The poll pod and the notes pod are not supported in this version of the app. As a participant, when you tap these pods, you see the following message in the app.

Connect other pods
Connect other pods

To view the polls and the notes, you must launch the web browser, and view the content. Tap the link switch to web browser.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are sub rooms that can be created within a meeting or training session. They are useful for splitting a large group into smaller groups that can talk or collaborate.

Mic and camera rights

In the breakout room, participants need permission to use the pods to do their work and engage with each other using the pods. The moderator or host can grant you access to a microphone and camera for participating in the breakout room.

Messaging host

Hosts can broadcast messages to all breakout rooms. This feature can be useful if you have noticed one or more rooms have a similar question. It is good practice to send attendees a warning message a few minutes before ending breakout sessions and returning them to the main room. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

To log in as a registered user, enter the meeting URL, and provide your login ID and password. If you are having problems, try the following approaches: 

  • Enter the meeting as a guest user.
  • Open the meeting URL from a Web browser’s address bar and enter your credentials on the Web login page. Upon successful authentication, you are redirected to Adobe Connect for mobile.

You can tap the navigation icons to navigate through a shared document that you are controlling. If you are unable to navigate the document, you do not have control over the presentation and the Host/Presenter has turned off Sync. 

Audio transmissions can be broadcast using the device's audio or tele-conferencing. Chat with your Host to determine which form of audio is available for the meeting. 

  • For Internet audio, ensure that your device audio is enabled and that no other application is running and playing audio at the same time.
  • For Phone audio, ensure that you are dialed into the phone call, your device audio is enabled, and the person speaking to you is not muted.

If the dial pad appears automatically or if a telephone icon is visible, you can tap the icon and enter your phone number. The meeting dials out directly to your device.

The camera option appears only if your device has a camera. Also, the Host must enable camera access, so that participants (non-hosts/presenters) can broadcast their camera into the meeting. 


  1. The following pods are supported in this release:
    1. Share pod: Viewing of PPT/PPTx and screen (Sharing from mobile is not supported).
    2. Chat pod
    3. Publish
    4. View cameras
    5. View attendees
  2. Host and presenter capabilities are not supported (apart from granting them audio and video publish rights).
  3. In a future release, we shall support these- Adobe Captivate output, Whiteboard, PDF, PNG/JPEG, MP3, and MP4.


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