Find fonts from images

Learn how to search and identify the fonts used in your image.

Powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe Fonts helps you find fonts matching with the text used in images. You can select a font displayed in the search results to immediately activate it. Once activated, the font becomes available in various CC apps.

To find and use fonts from your images, perform the following steps:

  1. To upload the image for scanning,

    • Click the camera icon or drag-and-drop the image file in Adobe Fonts.
    • In the bounding box, align the text and click Next Step. 
    Text selected for scanning
    Text selected for scanning

  2. To find fonts similar to the selected text, confirm the text selection and click Next Step again.

  3. To activate a font, click the Activate Font button.

    Activating similar fonts
    Activating similar fonts

To learn about how to create character style, look for What is Type? in Adobe Capture FAQ.

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