Learn how to quickly create slideshows of your cherished moments and share them on Facebook and other social networks.

Slideshows allow you to string together photos and videos to tell a story. You can choose from various themes, add your favorite soundtrack as audio, and customize your slideshow by adding or rearranging photos and videos.


This article covers the procedure for creating slideshows in Elements Organizer 2018. The corresponding article for Elements Organizer 15 or earlier is available at this link.

Create slideshows

Using Auto Curate

  1. In the Media view, open a catalog or album and select Slideshow in the following ways:

    • Click Slideshow in the taskbar
    • Click Create in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Slideshow
    auto curate slideshow


    You can also right-click anywhere on the screen in the Media view, and select Create a Slideshow to instantly create a slideshow.

  2. Select Pick the best to allow Elements Organizer to auto-curate your best photos.


    Alternatively, you can select Auto Curate in the upper-right corner of the screen. Adjust the slider to specify the number of photos you want and then click Slideshow in the taskbar. To know more about Auto Curate, see Auto-curate your best photos.

  3. A slideshow preview is displayed in the Slideshow window using the auto-curated media files.


    • The first image in the slideshow is the text slide that displays the title and subtitle of your slideshow. To edit the text slide, see Enhance the slideshow.
    • The slideshow preview is of a lower resolution. A higher resolution video is available when you export the slideshow.

Manually select photos and videos

  1. Select your desired photos and videos in the media grid.

  2. Select Slideshow using one of the following ways:

    • Select Slideshow in the taskbar
    • Click Create in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Slideshow
    • Select Create a Slideshow from the context menu when you right-click anywhere on the screen in Media view
  3. A slideshow preview is generated in the Slideshow window using the selected media files.


    The slideshow preview is of a lower resolution. A higher resolution video is available when you export the slideshow.

Enhance the slideshow

You can enhance the slideshow in the following ways:

Rearranging media files and rotating photos

  1. In the Slideshow window, click  located in the left panel of the screen. You can view the selected media files (photos and videos) in the Media panel of Slideshow window.

    Media files
  2. To change the order of media files, select the media files you want to rearrange and drag-and-drop them.



    You can rearrange media files including Text Slides in the Media dialog box.

  3. You can rotate or remove a photo in the Media panel. To do this, right-click a photo and select the desired option from the drop-down list.


Trimming video files

Elements Organizer plays the first ten seconds of your selected video files in a Slideshow. If you want to play a different selection of the video file, you can trim only that part of the video to play. To do this:

  1. In the Media panel of the Slideshow window, right-click the video file and select Trim Video.



    You can also remove the video file, mute, or unmute the audio in the video file by selecting the desired option in the drop-down list.

  2. In the Trim Video window, move handles A and C to specify the video selection to be played. Move B to view the video.

    A. Move handle to specify the start of the video B. Move to view the video C. Move handle to specify the end of the video 
  3. Click Done.

  4. You can now view the trimmed video in the Slideshow preview.

Adding captions and text slides

  1. To add a caption to each photo, select Add Captions in the upper-right corner of the Media panel.

    Add Caption
  2. To add a text slide, click . Select a text slide by clicking the left or right arrow, enter Title and Subtitle, and click Add.

    You can add multiple text slides this way and rearrange them as you desire.

    Text Slide
    Add Title and Subtitle to the text slide

Adding more media files

To add photos and videos click  to view the drop-down list. Select Add Photos and Videos from Organizer to add media files from Elements Organizer. Alternatively, you can select Add Photos and Videos from Folders to add media files from your computer.


Changing Themes

Themes add a creative look to slideshows by enhancing the visual appeal of your photos and videos. You can choose from various available themes in Elements Organizer to customize your slideshow. To do this:

  1. Select  icon in the left panel of the Slideshow window.

    Themes panel
    Select a theme to add to your slideshow
  2. To apply a desired theme to your slideshow, do one of the following:

    • Select a theme and click Apply
    • Double-click a theme
    • Select a theme and click anywhere on the Slideshow window

Adding Audio tracks

Add more liveliness to your slideshow by adding audio tracks. To do this:

  1. Select  in the left panel of the Slideshow window.

  2. You can select either one or multiple audio tracks in the Audio column. The duration of the audio track can be viewed against each file. Click  to play an audio track, and click  to add the audio track.

    The selected audio tracks can be viewed in the Selected Tracks column. You can rearrange the selected tracks by drag-and-drop or remove tracks by clicking . The total length of all the selected audio files can be viewed in the upper right corner of this column.

  3. To add audio tracks from your computer, click  at the upper right corner of the Audio column. Select the audio files you want to add, and click Open.

Share your slideshow

  1. Click Save in the upper-right corner of the Slideshow window to save the slideshow as an editable project in Elements Organizer. You can also click Save As from the drop-down list to save a new copy of the slideshow.

    Save as
  2. Select Export to export your slideshow. Elements Organizer allows you to export and share your slideshow to Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and to a local disk.

    Export slideshow
    Select one of the given options to export and share your slideshow

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