[macOS only] Illustrator and Wacom tablet | Known issues

[macOS 10.15 (Catalina) only] Eraser tool does not work

Is your Eraser functionality not working when you draw a shape using the Wacom pen and then flip the pen to use the Eraser tool? 

Quick resolution

  • Open the macOS privacy settings and enable Illustrator's access on the tablet driver.
  • Restart Illustrator.

Additional information

This issue occurs only when you use the latest Wacom driver 6.3.37-2 with macOS 10.15 (Catalina). It can happen when Illustrator's control over TabletDriver is disabled in the macOS privacy settings.

When you launch Illustrator with Wacom tablet ON, you'll be shown a message asking if you want to let Illustrator control the TabletDriver.  When the tablet driver access setting is disabled, Illustrator cannot access the Eraser functionality. 

Warning message

Pressure options for brush not available

Do you find the pressure-sensitive options grayed out in the Brush Options dialog?

Pressure Options
Example: Calligraphic Brush Options

Quick resolution

Install the latest Wacom driver and perform the following steps:

  • Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy.
  • Go to the Privacy tab, select Accessibility and then click the lock icon at the bottom of the dialog box. 
  • In the Allow the apps below to control your computer list, ensure that the checkboxes for Wacom component are selected. Also, ensure that any known listed applications are also selected to work correctly with the tablet. For example, Illustrator, Photoshop.
Wacom components

Keyboard shortcuts in Illustrator does not work

To confirm the issue, check keyboard shortcuts with mouse instead of Wacom pen. 

Do the following to resolve the issue:
  1. Disconnect Wacom from the macOS machine and uninstall the driver.
  2. Click here to reinstall the latest version of the driver (6.3.34-2).
  3. After the driver is installed, restart your computer, connect Wacom, and check the functionality using pen.

It's known issue with Wacom's latest driver, 6.3.34. Check release notes.

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