Feature summary | Illustrator on the iPad (May 2021 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the May 2021 release of Illustrator on the iPad (version 1.3).

Advanced export controls

Illustrator on the iPad now provides new options such as resolution, quality, range of artboards, and more to control your export workflow. To select these options, tap Publish and Export > Export As.

Enhanced Blob brush

You can now draw smooth and organic paths with the new Taper feature within Blob brush:

  1. Tap the Blob brush to select it and tap the Brush settings. 
  2. Select Taper ends and tap the expand button to open Taper mode.
  3. Select Length or Velocity based on how you want to control the impact of your brush strokes. 
  4. Drag Begin Taper or End Taper sliders to modify the beginning and end of brush strokes.

Manage artwork with Transparency grid

You can use the Transparency grid feature to view shapes and objects that do not contain fill and stroke. Tap View mode > Transparency Grid to view and edit your artwork in a transparent background.

Ai-Feature summary-transparency grid

Support for template file format

Illustrator on your iPad now supports Adobe Illustrator template (.ait) file format. In the home screen, tap Import and open to open Adobe Illustrator template files and create your own templates, or work with Adobe Stock templates.


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